What just happened in the Division 2 NEW Manhunt? What does this all mean for Year 5!



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What just happened in the Division 2 NEW Manhunt? What does this all mean for Year 5!
What just happened in the Division 2 NEW Manhunt? What does this all mean for Year 5!
What just happened in the Division 2 NEW Manhunt? What does this all mean for Year 5!
What just happened in the Division 2 NEW Manhunt? What does this all mean for Year 5!
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Peter Alexander
2023-11-23 08:41:55

I keep telling people that the division aren't the good guys. It's literally in the games dialogue and comms during those manhunt target objectives. And on top of that, someone else is supposed to be taking over the division and labeling us as rogue agents. In the DZ, you're able to go rogue. Ubisoft wouldn't add that as an option if there wasn't some context behind that.

2023-09-01 22:32:10

Honestly, are we really the good guys??? I’m getting worried

2023-08-16 22:15:39

What if we are going to be "recruited" next?

2023-08-16 15:26:37

Keep thinking guys your getting closer but missing important part 😊

Lance Booze
2023-08-16 11:53:04

I, the lady who lost her, watch dear one .

Lefein Noel
2023-08-14 22:29:10

Manny’s girlfriend is the asset.

Matthew Tanberg
2023-08-14 21:10:20

I believe it's Mari.
I have some questions for you, I am only SHD level 332, l would truly enjoy leveling up a bit faster, what build is best in PVE & PVP.

2023-08-14 11:24:06

@ RlIWcXHsVqg&t=5m20s 5:20 When I finished the mission, I saw/heard the Hunter static briefly. I thought it was odd, but I didn't see the hunter, so I thought I had imagined it. Apparently, it was legit.

2023-08-14 03:47:26

the asset is the hunter.

Red Helix
2023-08-14 01:20:44

We all know behind these vanity projects, the BT is still and news. They tried to kill us back when the virus was strong in the base game. Trying to take ISAC from us. Why wouldn’t they just work with us instead if we want the same thing?

Edwin Jaudon Jr
2023-08-14 00:17:18

I have been saying it for the longest and if I had the time and equiptment, I might have made a video about the hunter that has been following the agent throughout DC. The that if you see him, he disappears. I think that is the recruiter and has been watch us the whole time, looking for division agents to promote to the hunter program. People on youtube has told me that it's not the recruiter and it's the hunters we fight during the game but that doesn't make sense to me, because they're already KIA, so they couldn't still be following us around like that. also that hunter in particular looks like the one you see behind that fence in that building, I forget what building it is but he shows up walking in slow motion and you can't shoot or kill him.

2023-08-13 22:36:00

RlIWcXHsVqg&t=03m05s 03:05 i remember some LBGTQj dont know what gender hooligens saying we coming asdlo for your kids hmmmmm

Raymond R. Jones
2023-08-13 16:22:00

Oh five people that we just saved is going to turn on us.
Remember they want to destroy the division. And the only way to destroy the division is from within I'll have everybody turn on us and make us look like the bad guy

Raymond R. Jones
2023-08-13 16:08:36

I believe we know who the hunters are and they working with us without their masks on

Raymond R. Jones
2023-08-13 16:07:53

Hey @nothingbutskillz at the end of The manhunt this year when you see the hunter show up at the end with the crimson Masks . If you shoot at him your target indicator will be green like if you shooting at a friendly,instead of red showing that you should or not an enemy

2023-08-13 15:45:51

Are we getting a mortar strike ability?

Nephilim A&D
2023-08-13 15:33:10

This game is fkn garbage man, I jus found out if u have 7 skill tiers u don't get overcharge like wat is the point dude

2023-08-13 11:19:03

What's that build you were using? I recognized the Heartbreaker set but what about the other pieces of equipment? Looks amazing, would like to try it out ❤

Eden Archive
2023-08-13 10:00:25

Why is there an attractive female on the thumbnail?
This is the division 2 by ubisoft.

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