This puzzle will trick you. #shorts

Puzzle guy

Puzzle guy

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Red circle puzzle - 🤍🤍 🤍🤍 As a thank you for all those who are coming from my videos Puzzlemaster offers Worldwide Free Shipping on orders of $99 and over using the coupon code available here: 🤍🤍 Download free solutions for puzzles here 🤍🤍 #shorts Please subscribe 🤍 to my channel so you do not miss anything. INSTAGRAM - 🤍🤍 Music for you videos here - 🤍🤍

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This puzzle will trick you. #shorts
This puzzle will trick you. #shorts
This puzzle will trick you. #shorts
This puzzle will trick you. #shorts
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2023-12-08 06:48:08

Лалка пиши по русски

2023-12-07 18:00:50

Think outside the… circle, like not even be in the circle

2023-12-07 10:05:26

a hole is a hole

2023-12-07 09:04:02

that is so unsatisfying

2023-12-07 00:48:27

looks like Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge by El Lissitzky

2023-12-06 10:47:51

А почему не на русском?

2023-12-06 05:56:34

Where does the circle go?
That is right, into the SQUARE hole.

2023-12-06 03:34:35

This does actually make sense though. There’s a too much… I guess you could say it as, there’s too much edge at the circular gap. Even lining them all up, edge to edge, you wouldn’t even create a circle. It is, in its entirety, a distraction. It feels like cheating to use the square hole, but it is the intended solution, without a doubt

2023-12-05 14:58:15

Hate this so much

2023-12-05 11:54:59

Even though this achieves the goal, it goes against our sense of completion by leaving empty space in the puzzle. Its almost an insult to people who learned puzzles must be a proper fit, and even my brain still cant accept such an ugly solution

2023-12-04 20:34:18

Trying to fit a square into a circle (or vv)

2023-12-04 17:55:56

Me as an intelectual:


2023-12-04 05:09:50

The green pieces had a lot of space between them and the walls at the start. But rearranged for the solution they were tightly packed. That is where the extra space came from

2023-12-03 19:13:50

Im a level 10 contrarian. I had no strong feelings about this until i saw how much people hate it. What a lovely puzzle, what truly great invention

2023-12-03 10:08:41


2023-12-03 03:05:11

I don’t like this. This puzzle needs to be thrown into the incinerator.

2023-12-02 10:27:02


2023-12-02 08:49:44

We need to punish the creator who made this puzzle

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