This is Why BLEACH NEEDS The Hell Arc.

Flame of Rebirth

Flame of Rebirth

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#bleach BLEACH needs the Hell Arc. I'm here to tell you why.

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This is Why BLEACH NEEDS The Hell Arc.
This is Why BLEACH NEEDS The Hell Arc.
This is Why BLEACH NEEDS The Hell Arc.
This is Why BLEACH NEEDS The Hell Arc.
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2023-10-21 08:31:47

Guess I'm one of few who think the captains always being condemned to hell sucks. If they did something to deserve hell, sure. Yamamoto and Unohana would definitely qualify. But Ukitake. Let the poor guy rest in peace.

2023-10-12 10:48:29

Maturity is to know that Aizen was right in his own ideals. His execution maybe a little over... Or may be not, given the fact that the society was so inherit corrupted. I only know i hated this man for many years. Not anymore.

2023-10-11 13:03:11

Gonna be honest, I don't think Kubo foresaw all of the underlying issues within the seireitei and planned to dump the conclusion on the last arc. He has a chance to do that, but people forgot bleach was never about revolution or targeting one true villain to end all conflict. CFYOW may do that. For Hell Arc tho, I think what he's trying to do here is to ultimately close the cycle of conflict back at the MC, Ichigo. What I learned from the manga is that Kubo does not believe in that one true villain or one true hero type of characterization aspect to be appealing, and that is immensely great for realism. Also, the world is fucked, yet ppl forgot that the knowledge you gained from watching all of the main characters' struggles was the biggest factor on why you think it's fucked. We may think Karakura town was in danger in the Arrancar arc, but for those innocent bystanders, it's some murders and natural disasters. This maybe one of the reasons I believe we'll see some sort of reincarnation or better yet, creation of a whole new world than actually finding and beating the big bad demon king nazi old guy to answer his supposed "crimes" if there is even one.

2023-10-08 15:28:40

Wait for the Hell Leader to be the Mother of Juha Bach

2023-10-08 15:18:12

Amazing vid. We need to know the ultimate truth of this world and I agree - Hell will be the answer. I suppose there are powerful hollow-like beings ruling over it, but what is up with the balance and hence captains going down there? This balance of souls is a weird thing and we need to know more about it. LETS GO KUBO (I know he said he'll delay it as much as we keep asking, but IDC LOL)

2023-10-07 21:39:58

These points are so so so supersolid and yes, we need the Hell arc so so much!!

2023-10-07 20:42:15

The Last Human and the Übermensch (Overman).
The manga (Ichigo) seemed to take the side of the Last Human. The status quo.

So far at least.

2023-10-06 19:30:26

True the hell Arc is the latest chapter of bleach and i would love this world to continue based on that.
Not that this video is about that but still(btw i typed this comment before finishing the video).

As for the video's real aim, yeah the soul king and all that jazz its not right. I hope bleach will continue after TYBW since it has a lot of potential.

In the end we will heave to wait and see if it will continue or not.

2023-10-06 05:42:36

Hell Arc shouldn't be the new beginning of a sequel rather it should become the closure to Bleach as a whole

2023-10-05 16:39:55

kubo is telling us our real world is corrupt, and you have to suck it up. fall in line. anyone who tries to topple the system will suffer.
even going so far to say it is better to maintain the broken status quo than to allow a new would-be king to successfully change the regime.

2023-10-05 01:33:33

So, while I agree that Hell is a very nessisary arc, and for simular reasons. But, I would say its less about "soceity" and something far more specific, its everything about the Soul King. Obviously **spoilers ahead** for those who may only be anime onlys atm...

Ginjo, Aizen, and Yhwach's issues with the Soul Soceity all stem from the Soul King. Aizen is very much a "villianous ubermench", in that he saw the truth behind the Soul Soceity, and knew of the state of the Soul King, and wished to rise above it, not letting "that thing" which is only a puppet rule him. As far as dynamics go, Aizen is heavily written to contrast Urahara Kisuke, who also sees the same truth, but thinks it is a nessisary evil of sorts(even if he doesn't seem to directly say it in that way), being more compliant and much like a sort of "last man". Ginjo from Bleach was(and I think still is?) someone who was set up to be used as a replacement for the Soul King, simular to Ichigo and Hikone, while I don't quite remember if Ginjo knew this or not, but he rebeled because of the actions Ukitake took to monitor him and watch his progress. This fighting back is also why the Soul Society arc was even a thing, as they didn't want another Ginjo on their hands, and were punishing the person who might have made one. Lastly, Yhwach was likely there when his father was torn apart, especially from what seems to be shown of his motivations in the first war against the shinigami, via the anime, seeking not to have control, nor even revenge, but to attempt to undo the damage which was done when the one world was made into three. Everything, and I mean everything in bleach goes back to that, just like everything in Dark Souls goes back to the linking of the first flame, it was the "original sin" of sorts. What is interesting, from what I know of Hell in the Bleach universe, it existed before the Soul King was torn apart, and used to split the world, having a "lid" was placed on it to keep it contained, and I think one of the Noble Families which partook in that "original sin" was in charge of that project, but on that I am uncertain. Either way, due to what we know of Hell, more information on the "original sin" could be expanded via the people there, and we could have someone else which isn't a Soul King Canidate, nor someone seeking control, or even trying to return the world to how it was, as the main villain.

2023-10-04 11:16:19

I don't think kubo sees it this way cuz if he did the only real progression can happen is that if ichigo go a full circle and he'll be against the gotei 13 one again like he did in the soul society arc, he either will be with the hell squad or in between the gotei 13 and the hell squad against them both which i think is the best case scenario for the story

2023-10-03 13:55:43

Also, it's important to highlight, that Aizen was *sealed*. Not KILLED. Yes, there are justification for that in-universe, but from the story-telling point, it's because he's still plays an important role, highlighting the unresolved conflict. Like a grain of sand in your eyes, it reminds you that there were reasons this guy went through all those things.

2023-10-03 13:50:27

If you think about it, even TYBW arc is just essentially expanding on the thing we first found out from the Aizen's plotline, and things he supposedly was aimed to destroy.
If you know what soul king is and how he ended up that way, and how the TYBW ends - Isn't that... re-contextualizes AIzen's last words before being sealed in the original show? Doesn't that make you think - "oh, so Aizen actually had a point, despite being ego-driven prick"?
And, if you think about, we see as Ichigo himself just goes through all these arcs, with every step of the way becoming closer and closer to the thing he once thought of as bunch of bad guys who kidnapped Rukia and were about to execute her for BS reasons.

I'm not sure what's the goal of Kubo behind all this is, but there is a goal, clearly. Or at least, was before he got burned by publishers during TYBW manga run.

2023-10-03 10:13:29

Soul Society system is rotten but necessary.Kisuke for example knows everything but accepts it.

2023-10-03 01:56:11

ichigo is goin to end up being part demon by th end of the arc I bet

2023-10-02 22:20:30

I don't wanna be the bearer of bad news but I don't think there was ever gonna be a hell arc. Just a chapter that dropped to raise hype for the anime

2023-10-02 14:37:12

We don't need lecture about social problems. WE NEED MORE FIGHTS!

2023-10-01 20:38:00

The only way another Bleach arc should happen is if Kubo is ready to actually flush it out and not just rush to the end again. Even the anime version of the most recent arc is rushing things. I’m all for more bleach, but not if it’s going to be the same ole half assed cash grab the ending of the 1000 year blood war arc was.

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