The Sneaky Tax Break That Reshaped U.S. Real Estate



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U.S real estate investment trusts today manage $4.5 trillion in real estate worldwide. Many groups on Wall Street offer these tax-friendly funds to retail investors. KKR's real estate business is one of the big players in the REIT game. The private equity firm manages multiple REIT funds. The KKR Real Estate Select Trust, which currently manages $1.5 billion in assets, paid a dividend of 5.4% to its investors in July 2023. But the benefits extend beyond returns. Top performing REIT sub-sectors in recent years include data centers, self-storage properties, residential housing and tower REITs. Residential housing delivered a return of 16% from 2010 to 2020, according to a S&P Global Investments report. In recent years, publicly traded trusts have targeted single-family rental market, and today, these REITs have grown tremendously — enough to build new neighborhoods in their entirety.  Watch the video above to learn the fundamentals of real estate investment trusts. Chapters: 00:00 — Introduction 02:13 — Real estate 04:05 — Homes 06:50 — Investment Trusts 09:00 — Growth Produced, Shot and Edited by: Carlos Waters Additional Camera by: Mark Licea Supervising Producer: Lindsey Jacobson Animation: Alex Wood, Christina Locopo Special Thanks: Emily Lorsch, Gene Kim, Marisa Forziati, Mickey Todiwala Additional Images: Getty Images, Post Brothers Additional Sources: CoreLogic, U.S. Census Bureau, U.S. Federal Housing Finance Agency, Fidelity, NAREIT, Nuveen, Office of U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Wealthfront, White House » Subscribe to CNBC: 🤍 » Subscribe to CNBC TV: 🤍 About CNBC: From 'Wall Street' to 'Main Street' to award winning original documentaries and Reality TV series, CNBC has you covered. Experience special sneak peeks of your favorite shows, exclusive video and more. Connect with CNBC News Online Get the latest news: 🤍🤍 Follow CNBC on LinkedIn: 🤍 Follow CNBC News on Facebook: 🤍 Follow CNBC News on Twitter: 🤍 Follow CNBC News on Instagram: 🤍 #CNBC The Sneaky Tax Break That Reshaped U.S. Real Estate

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The Sneaky Tax Break That Reshaped U.S. Real Estate
The Sneaky Tax Break That Reshaped U.S. Real Estate
The Sneaky Tax Break That Reshaped U.S. Real Estate
The Sneaky Tax Break That Reshaped U.S. Real Estate
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2023-11-04 17:23:13

And hence the decline of a nation. Rome. Greece. Egypt. America.

2023-10-30 16:53:46

Why is there this negative connotation of "paying Wall Street" ... If you are using their capital, of course you need to pay. Otherwise, get your capital elsewhere. No one is holding a gun to your head.

2023-10-26 21:38:20

This is a Monopoly, pure and simple.

2023-10-17 17:22:33

To my understanding this just proves how much we need an edge as an investor because playing the market like everyone else just isn’t good enough. I’ve been quite ensured about investing in this current market and at the same time I feel it’s the best time to get started on the market, what are your thoughts?!

2023-10-08 23:57:56

Great thoughts! The year is almost over and very glad about the decisions I have made so far. Investing in the market earlier this year regardless of the market conditions has saved my life. I made over 70k USD with a start of 25k in the last 7 months. I know it's nothing compared to what others make but I'm glad I'm changing my finances. If things keep going well I might retire soon

2023-10-06 22:46:05

Creating wealth and gaining financial freedom isn’t as difficult as lots of people think. Through the right information, building wealth and staying financially stable forever is way easy. Investing is the only true way to earn a great income and staying wealthy forever..

2023-10-01 13:18:32

“We don’t have a lot of equitable growth” - is that really the MESSAGE of this video?!? 🤮

Who the heck are we? COMMUNISTS?

2023-10-01 12:44:54

Oh those “good guys” Democrats - trying to lead America into a SOCIALIST UTOPIA. That’s NOT how America became the “Land of opportunity”…

2023-09-27 10:41:44

Creating wealth and financial freedom isn't as tough as many people believe. Building wealth and remaining financially stable indefinitely is a lot easier with the appropriate information. Participating in financial programs and products is the only true approach to make a high income and remain affluent indefinitely...

2023-09-22 19:50:55

Housing is treated as a profiting asset rather than a protected basic necessity. This is the affordability
/borrowing problem in a nutshell

2023-09-18 01:13:37

I don’t know if people are noticed this or not coz I don’t see anyone saying this in comments. A lot of spam comments are around all stocks videos or business related investment videos comment sections. People are saying oh my portfolio went from 10k to 100k in couple of months and they also include random person name as their financial advisor. FYI they are all fakes advertising financial advisors so this fake financial advisors or even real ones can make more money from your bad situation you might be in. Don’t bother with such comments. Peace out ✌️

2023-09-16 18:04:52

Housing should not be investment. At least not while millions of people cannot afford rent.

2023-09-13 11:05:31

If you wanna be successful, you most take responsibility for your emotions, not place the blame on others. In addition to make you feel more guilty about your faults, pointing the finger at others will only serve to increase your sense of personal accountability. There's always a risk in every investment, yet people still invest and succeed. You must look outward if you wanna be successful in life.

2023-09-12 15:07:37

Muito bem explicado, de fácil entendimento

2023-09-12 14:28:58

Muito explicativo 👍

2023-09-10 21:21:30

everyone's favourite ticket $O or Realty Income

2023-09-09 17:13:48

America needs LAWS to prevent private equity from buying up low & middle class homes before the rich OWN everything, turning Americans to “Surfs” . The super Rich are greedy, self serving Pigs

2023-09-07 21:06:01

I was advised to diversify my portfolio among several assets such as stocks and bonds since this can protect my portfolio for retirement of about $750k. I want to know: Do I keep contributing to my portfolio in these unstable markets, or do I look into alternative sectors?

2023-09-07 20:37:12

Education and housing are essential for our safety and development...US capitalism/govt: hold my beer while we allow the destruction of education and housing while allowing a few to gain massive profits while the majority get screwed

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