The Division 2 Roadmap Just Got Some BIG CHANGES



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The Division 2 Year 5 just received delay news, including the push-back of Season 2 and the new Incursion to October, as well as a subsequent interval of an additional month in-between each Season leading towards the Brooklyn DLC in Season 4. Let me know your thoughts! ORIGINAL TWEET: 🤍 —————— Get exclusive perks by becoming a Member! 👉 🤍🤍 Check out my Merch Store! 👉 🤍 Twitter: 🤍🤍 TikTok: 🤍🤍🤍rogue_gold Discord: 🤍 TD2’s Known Issues Board: 🤍 Channel art created by coohwiip Intro/Outro music: Running Out by Patrick Patrikios #TheDivision #TheDivision2

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The Division 2 Roadmap Just Got Some BIG CHANGES
The Division 2 Roadmap Just Got Some BIG CHANGES
The Division 2 Roadmap Just Got Some BIG CHANGES
The Division 2 Roadmap Just Got Some BIG CHANGES
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Travon Watson
2023-09-04 11:44:59

Well theres plenty of new good games that just dropped to play until y5s2 drops. Ill be the first to admit that yes it does suck that what little new content we would have been getting is getting pushed back im not however on tgis game 24/7. I think iv come to terms with the slow trickle of content in the divison 2 as far back as near when the game first came out. My only hope is that the next divison games delivers on content and bug fixes alot better than what we got in this one. But hey theres also always divison 1 am i right 😅😅??

2023-08-29 18:40:41

That's perfect, it gives me time to play the base game, the expansion, finish my battlepass for Diablo 4, and then get prepared and do all the content until the dlc lol!

2023-08-27 07:20:13

Any chance they can take to improve the game will be welcome. Massive has an ass load of games on their plate right now so I fully understand if they have to delay something.

2023-08-24 07:53:57

New intro!!!!

Rodrigo Puché
2023-08-23 08:48:50

I can tell any player is happy with this delays. But, as always, I'm pretty sure we prefer some delays assuring game quality.

2023-08-21 15:40:29

Technical improvements is a joke, people still getting same errors when the game came out and the same bugs/glitches, sense game launched !

Paul Agnew
2023-08-21 10:37:23

If they can spend some of their time fixing the glitch in Descent where people get caught out of a room and then no one can advance.

Only Wright Gaming
2023-08-20 14:49:18

I used to get mad when they do this but i got over it. Its a game thats broken but i still enjoy and im just glad that they are even still gonna make content this far in the games life cycle

2023-08-20 11:19:58

Let them work and deliver quality over quantity. Gaming developing and maintaining a live service in a such complex game as Division 2 requires time and experience. For those who are already moaning in the commentary section ;Go do something useful for you and the people who surround you instead wasting time here. Great content Rogue.👍

2023-08-20 09:15:56

and no changes to pvp or anything that makes the game fun

2023-08-20 06:27:12

Hold on...... 5yrs since release "oh, yeah we're going to get to the fixes now, but we won't have any new content, maps...... This the same BS they pulled last yr..... Talk about blowing off players, fans ... I've moved on to.

2023-08-20 04:33:40

I don't necessarily mind a delay, but they need to fix the crashing in countdown and implement some of the things that they have on the known issues board. The game itself is too grindy for no good reason really. I feel like they nerfed the loot in countdown as well.

2023-08-19 23:23:54

I just hope they will adjust the new content so the exp farming will be adressed before it gets out of hand again!

2023-08-19 18:15:41

I’ve seen a lot of positives going on with this news update I thought they would be a lot more negative but no I am in the positive side I want to see the game fixed over a new contact

2023-08-19 16:21:40

Not UNEXPECTED from the B Team of Division 2. Disappointment after disappointment.

2023-08-19 16:20:31

Not unexpected from the B Team of Division 2.

Pietro Manicioto
2023-08-19 16:05:45

Im ok with it . Polish and make it better. Also maybe the dlc is bigger than what they anticipated and not enough time to finish with what they have on hand.

2023-08-19 15:53:21

Problem is everytime they "fix" the game. They break a bunch of other stuff. It's just an excuse for them to be late on things. They can never make the deadlines they set. So they just "fix" things instead.

2023-08-19 07:39:13

I will putting this game on the back burner. Other games to play.

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