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This guide will prepare you for everything you need to know as you begin your journey in The Division 2— including the leveling experience, the endgame, and much more. Let me know your thoughts! MUST-CHANGE SETTINGS: 🤍 TOP 5 2023 BUILDS: 🤍 EXPERTISE BREAKDOWN: 🤍 BEGINNER'S PVP GUIDE: 🤍 Intro | 0:00 What To Buy | 1:19 Campaign & Leveling Experience | 2:48 Endgame Overview | 4:47 Global Settings | 5:16 Targeted Loot | 6:21 Invasions | 7:45 Game Modes | 8:07 Raids | 9:36 Progression & Features | 10:04 Builds | 10:21 Specializations | 11:27 SHD Watch | 12:39 Gear Modification Systems | 13:35 Recalibration | 14:02 Crafting | 15:56 Exotic Reconfiguration | 16:28 Optimization | 17:53 Expertise | 18:36 What Content To Play | 19:30 Conclusion | 20:47 - Get exclusive perks by becoming a Member! | 🤍🤍 Follow me on Twitter! | 🤍🤍 Follow me on TikTok! | 🤍🤍🤍rogue_gold Join our community’s Discord server! | 🤍 Stunning channel art created by 🤍coohwiip Iconic RG Rogue icon created by 🤍DADEFUYE Intro/Outro music: Running Out by Patrick Patrikios #TheDivision #TheDivision2

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The Division 2: NEW PLAYER GUIDE (2023)
The Division 2: NEW PLAYER GUIDE (2023)
The Division 2: NEW PLAYER GUIDE (2023)
The Division 2: NEW PLAYER GUIDE (2023)
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Pob AC
2023-11-27 19:25:19

Just started playing over the weekend. Have ~20hrs so far playing with a friend. I never played the first game but I’m enjoying division 2 a lot so far. My friend gets motion sickness so can’t play with him for a long time. There so much stuff I get sidetracked a lot 😂

Hoot woot
2023-11-25 17:23:49

Great Video Gold, I forwarded this to a buddy that just got the game off the Steam sale, I got a few tips I passed along too

When It comes to Builds, Roll A Tank Build, There's many Insane Armor builds out there that can also pull off massive damage, Alot builds use yellows & sets that are common from the summit. Grab something that cant die & just melt Challenging. Don't worry about drop/exp rates & Heroic.

I recommend is Getting to SHD 1K as fast as possible, Get a build that works, Hit Challenging, The Target farm Public Executions THEN pick up & finish the bounty afterwards, If you do this over & over you will get showered in Gear & Credits. Never Skip a Bounty If you find one. Its sleeper content.

Last tip, Don't sleep on "Protection from Elites " Mods, You cant do DPS if you are dead, Dying Wastes time, Your Mods slots should use always have these mods in them.
Some may disagree but just trust me on this. Having 35%+ Protection is crazy.

dimitris Jimmy G theodorou
2023-11-25 10:35:16

Fuck yeah...great guide bro....deep as a rabbit hole

Todd Carver
2023-11-22 18:48:01

I used to play TD2 on PC a lot and recently picked it up on PS5. Im a bit disappointed that you have to start over and cross progression doesnt exist. But oh well I guess 🤷

Mart Corpuz
2023-11-21 19:49:44

I just played this game and currently on world T4 right now. Should I proceed with T5 or just skip to the DLC?

Type Dash
2023-11-20 12:46:05


Anthony Flores
2023-11-18 02:12:26

I just reached Lv. 11 and I think I might want to see if theres any advice I can take with me through my journey in the Division 2

2023-11-15 20:24:21

whats the assault rifle youre using in the video?

Brandon Miller
2023-11-13 12:25:26

This is great video and very helpful. Thankfully I found a clan that explained all of this over the last 3 or so months that I’ve been playing this game. I’ll share this video to others as they start playing.

2023-11-11 23:02:43

I played recently with some higher level dude. Ny higher level i mean lvl 4500.

I had just cracked lvl 30 that same day. Guy told me all about the DLC stuff and shattered my view on this game. I thought i was experienced, turns out im still paddling in the shallow end

Senoaji Puspo M
2023-11-10 07:59:31

Watching this because im so done with Destiny 2

2023-11-04 07:42:56

wait wait so all endgame. is sort of like .. its own thing?
Sort of like. PvP matches or Survival?
It isn't a progression to max gear score AFTER which you can try the 1-2 things that aren't brainless number matching but gameplay like raids? Or independent fun like PvP or survival?

then whats the point of world tiers
Cause in Div 1. All of it seems to add up to getting to 291 and then doing incursions IF you can find the people
Resistance was special.. to me.. cause its just fun to go in a reck stuff. It wasn't as mindless as main mission repeat .

1BfRduqxX9g&t=20m00s 20:00 Yea no that's the question build FOR WHAT?
that's like saying "whatever your goal is like making your own machine" FOR WHAT?
the others i get...
I know this is done on purpse but fuck it. im falling for it
THE OTHERS. PvP. Explore the world. Raids. Are all activities
Their reason to do , and satisfaction of doing are self contained
Win PvP have fun. Explore world. Find something you wanted to see in DC. Done. Raid. Beat raid to challenge and win like dark souls.
WHAT in the EVER LIVING FUCK does a build do .
That's like dark souls player saying "oh i dont play for challenge i want to make a 2000stat build with 20 crit and some random sword"

2023-11-03 07:19:10

gotta say i really enjoyed this as a welcome back, outta curiousity tho i do enjoy your fit with the leon jacket. is it all still available?

James Mata
2023-11-02 14:08:14

good to see this games not dead. i thought nobody really played it cause bad reviews. i barley started playing and really like it cant belive i hadnt tried it earlier.

2023-10-24 19:58:04

Cant make my mind up, this or destiny 2?

Ricardo Bacelo
2023-10-23 06:05:50

the fact that he is using the same m4 type in lvl 2 and in max level is just boring

Jared Myers
2023-10-20 17:59:25

Great guide! Does the matchmaking still fill quick in game when looking for teammates?

Keith Livingston
2023-10-16 19:29:46

New player guide? But everything is based off end game? Not helpful

2023-10-16 01:57:47

1BfRduqxX9g&t=3m55s 3:55

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