SZAYELAPORRO IN BLEACH TYBW - Why didn’t Mayuri Revive HIM #bleach #anime

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Imagine a Bleach where Mayuri has control over Szayelaporro? TWO MAD SCIENTISTS!? He’s already brought back various arrancar, an ex member of the Espada, BUT imagine if he brought an actual Espada with him to fight Giselles zombie army in Bleach TYBW! Would have been amazing. Obviously Szayelaporro has to be dead to appear in the Hell Arc, but what is the in universe reason he didn’t bring back a second mad scientist? Clip taken from the latest Bleach Boys podcast discussing Bleach TYBW Episode 23. Link in bio. #bleachanime #anime #bleach #tybw #bleachtybw #ichigo #mayuri #szayelapporo

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SZAYELAPORRO IN BLEACH TYBW - Why didn’t Mayuri Revive HIM #bleach #anime
SZAYELAPORRO IN BLEACH TYBW - Why didn’t Mayuri Revive HIM #bleach #anime
SZAYELAPORRO IN BLEACH TYBW - Why didn’t Mayuri Revive HIM #bleach #anime
SZAYELAPORRO IN BLEACH TYBW - Why didn’t Mayuri Revive HIM #bleach #anime
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2023-10-15 07:05:57

What confuses me is that Yuffie’s entire upper body was obliterated by Grimmjow, so how did Mayuri bring him back?

2023-10-15 01:21:11

Not gonna lie. Mayuri just dont like that dude. Fuck him. the other guys are interesting enough to keep, but that dickhead tried to take his sword, hurt his nemu, and talked mad shit.

2023-10-14 03:46:33

I mean, they are all souls of dead people as spirits, it gets really convoluted trying to decipher between "death" and death here, and then what, does the soul have a soul? How can there be a "spiritual body" then a soul that leaves that and goes to hell/heaven/reincarnation? I feel like Kubo lost the thread that this is already supposed to be the afterlife.

2023-10-11 14:50:15

That makes sense for Cirucci and Dordonni, but not Charlotte Chulhorn, considering she was actually killed by Ayasegawa and Ruri'iro Kujaku (yes i know that Ayasegawa doesn't have to kill with Ruri'iro Kujaku, case and point Lieutenant Hisagi, but it makes more sense to kill Chulhorn over Hisagi considering Hisagi was still technically his ally among the gotei 13) since Ayasegawa specifically stated that his Zanpakuto siphons out all the energy and life force of his enemy.

2023-10-09 14:20:36

Or....more likely......after their philosophical debate on perfection and being presented with how Mayuri views Szyalappro......he might just have wanted to let him rot

2023-10-08 22:33:21

Why didnt he bring Starkk back?

2023-10-08 22:32:24

Pretty Luppi was dead after getting Gojo'd by Grimmjow.

2023-10-08 10:11:28

This is just a manga knowledge check at best and an early arc of the original show knowledge check at worst. In this arc of the Bleach manga, we're originally introduced to the fact that something is going wrong by the fact that Szayelaporro and Arronierro take their forms again in Hueco Mundo and the Quincies kill them. This occurs because hollows are spirits that do not disappear forever when killed by soul reapers or other hollows the way they do when killed by Quincies. The arrancars that Mayuri turns into zombies were all killed by other hollows or soul reapers, and therefore their deaths were not permanent. Soul reapers do not eliminate souls, they harvest them and shepard them to the soul society, which they do not by cutting the hollow (which sends it back to Hueco Mundo) but by touching it with the mark on their zanpakuto. This is all laid out explicitly in the show, and the manga showed Szayelaporro and Arronierro coming back and then being killed forever by the quincies as part of their soul purge to upset the balance at the start of the TYBW arc. We also see Szayelaporro taking a long time to die, so Mayuri might not have been able to take him or the other espada with him, but any bodies Szayelaporro had himself collected would have been able to be acquired by Mayuri and could have lived again.

2023-10-06 22:40:34

Isn’t that the guy who got his eye pierced for 1000 years

2023-10-06 19:31:13

Maybe he was to dangerous to revive?

2023-10-06 14:39:11

I think they did die but Kisuke used his bankai to bring them back. Only reason why is because they have stitches all over them.

2023-10-04 19:28:41

Bro Szayelaporro is in hell right now😌

2023-10-04 15:48:09

Honestly I wish my Mayuri would have brought back both Szylapara and also Coyote Staark since both there bodies were intact and not completly incinerated. Staark is my favorite espada

2023-10-04 12:06:58

He did see the need to take someone inferior to him

2023-10-04 10:24:26

Their soul or "body" as you mistake it to be didnt scatter into reishi yet so all mayuri needed to do is just remake the soul before they scatter

2023-10-04 10:19:32

"Their body and soul"

2023-10-03 12:05:40

Pretty sure Szayel could not be resurrected since his soul is in... well, Hell?

2023-10-03 09:29:12

Szayelaporro in Hell Arc be like😈👿😈😈

2023-09-30 02:22:32

Ngl just realized something so hollows were once human so Szayelaporro was human and had his human body presumably buried on earth while his soul was a hollow in Huaco Mundo then his soul body is killed by a zanpakuto which is meant to redeem hollows of their sin and send them to soul society unless they were really bad and go to hell which is what happened. Szayelaporro is in Hell and his hollow body used in the light novel and returned to Huaco Mundo.
Man didn't want to die through experiments man already was immortal in a way.

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