RTTV Reacts to Bleach Hell Verse Movie!



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RTTV Reacts to Bleach Hell Verse Movie!
RTTV Reacts to Bleach Hell Verse Movie!
RTTV Reacts to Bleach Hell Verse Movie!
RTTV Reacts to Bleach Hell Verse Movie!
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2023-11-08 00:39:41

They are crazy if they think this animation is better than the current present day one especially when this animation isn't far off from just the fullbringer story animation

2023-11-08 00:38:25

I hope they react to the other movies because honestly this is the most mid one. The one about the shared sword tell the girl with no memory or so much better. And for those know what I'm referring to I'm perfectly being vague. And then there's also some just good filler arcs. Like the mod Soul Ark and the Ark where the souls of the swords come out

2023-10-30 04:56:22

Just dont take anything in the movie seriously. Kubo had little to do with the film and even said they rejected his story ideas for it.

He wrote a one shot manga set after the TYBW setting up Hell as the villains if/when Bleach ever gets a new full-on manga series. The one shot contradicts stuff in this movie.

2023-10-26 00:52:43

You guys should watch the other films. Maybe start with the first one and go from there!

2023-10-25 17:26:21


2023-10-25 05:00:01

English pronunciations of japanese just aint hitting
Also uryus voice actor
Holy shit what the fuck even is thaf

2023-10-23 23:24:19

Ichigo a beast no lie he’s just him jerry

2023-10-23 20:21:34

Ichigo Vasto lorde ☠️

2023-10-23 19:27:48

By far one of my most favorite anime movies

2023-10-23 07:09:11

XPhYrkAMT98&t=36m10s 36:10 I think that the quality itself in the TYBW is better but in terms of fluidity hell verse is better. But then again hell verse is a movie that was made in 2009 and it’s a lot easier to put more budget in a movie

2023-10-23 07:03:20

Rttv gang when Renji and uruu use the same move: HELL YEAH🔥

Rttv gang when rukia uses the same move: of course🙄

2023-10-23 06:38:19

Nah I don’t get how they hype up Renji and trash on rukia when Renji is WAY more useless and dumber

2023-10-22 10:20:57

W movie the intro was fire 🔥

2023-10-21 15:01:32

@ XPhYrkAMT98&t=28m14s 28:14 what Jerry said was true and had me creasing 😂

2023-10-21 02:22:56

Wait did you react to episode 299? It was the Prologue to this movie. Got to see Rukia vs Sinner Shrieker and learn both Szayel and Aaroniero when to Hell after they died.

2023-10-20 23:22:20

Believe it or not this transformation makes more sense than you think in fact the ruler of hell probably just got tired of his shit and granted that power to ichigo.

2023-10-20 09:01:20

Animation of Reigai Arc is legit

2023-10-19 19:27:29

Yeah ya lost me at dub

2023-10-19 18:36:30

So this is basically a GT situation where the new hell stuff is making this non canon. Cause the thing with this movie is that they sat down with kubo and stayed up all night discussing ideas, then when kubo finally got to see the movie they didn't use any of the ideas they talked about. Most of this stuff is not what he intended. He even asked to have his name removed from the credits.

So the new stuff in the manga is gonna be a little bit of what he wanted to put in this movie, and a lot of new shit. I think the villains in this and ichigo's hell form was part of the plan though since he drew pictures of those.

The two things this movie got right are the soundtrack is insane and the fight choreography is amazing. Really good animation. It does continue the trend of putting way more effort into the middle fights as opposed to the big final fight. Bleach don't make no sense as a series how they handle it.

The studio treated him so badly first time round. For the first 150 episodes he would get stomach aches looking at all the shit they was pulling and changes they made without his permission. They only redeemed themselves a little bit with the new bleach anime cause they still don't treat it as good as they should. Giving the staff enough time and money to make it as good as it should be.

In japanese kokuto is voiced by zoro fun fact. And hollow ichigo's voice in japanese is way better.

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