Psychologist Tessa West Breaks Down Bad Bosses in Films & TV

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Professor Tessa West joins us to break down terrible bosses and workplaces from movies and TV shows, including Mad Men, Office Space, The Office and The Simpsons . Her new book Jerks At Work is out now: 🤍 Want to get those difficult colleagues off your back and restore your sanity? NYU psychology professor Tessa West shows you how. Have you ever watched a colleague charm the pants off management while showing a competitive, Machiavellian side to the lower ranks? They don't hesitate to throw peers under the bus, but their boss is oblivious to their bad behaviour. What about a constantly interrupting colleague? Or an over-bearing manager? While these jerks stress us out in small ways throughout the day, they aren't technically breaking any rules, so we're expected just to put up with them. ...Until now. Tessa West has already helped thousands of people resolve their most pressing workplace issues. And here she draws on a decade of original research to profile classic workplace archetypes, including the Gaslighter, the Bulldozer, the Credit-Stealer, the Neglecter, and the Micromanager, giving advice to anyone who's ever hidden in the bathroom to cry at work. She digs deep into the inner workings of each bad apple, exploring their motivations and insecurities, and offers clever strategies for stopping each type of jerk in their tracks. Know a Jerk at Work? This proactive approach reveals the single, most effective way to achieve emotional wellbeing at work. - Subscribe to the Penguin channel: 🤍 Follow us here: Twitter | 🤍🤍 Website | 🤍🤍 Instagram | 🤍🤍 Facebook | 🤍🤍

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Psychologist Tessa West Breaks Down Bad Bosses in Films & TV
Psychologist Tessa West Breaks Down Bad Bosses in Films & TV
Psychologist Tessa West Breaks Down Bad Bosses in Films & TV
Psychologist Tessa West Breaks Down Bad Bosses in Films & TV
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2022-11-10 03:15:30

I feel like you're treating everybody like a child.. It's cool to "break down" some scenes, but come on, people do have some basic knowledge about human behavior...

2022-11-07 02:44:48

Best way to get rid of nervousness while quitting: quit on the spot with no notice 😂

S. Peters
2022-10-29 08:29:30

You misinterpret Peggy's response to Don's hand kiss as "grinning and bearing it". What he's doing with that hand kiss is not sexist; it's recognition of their professional relationship and how much she's actually meant to him over the years as well as regret over her leaving. She actually pulls her hand away reluctantly rather than snatching it away and, if you listen carefully to her voice, you'll hear that she's fighting back tears.

Mister Sniffers
2022-10-25 07:05:36

She’s written a book on this and really demonstrated that she’s mastered some essential ugliness that’s normal in white collar (office related) employers. That’d probably be a good read.

It’s taken decades, but it seems to me, the best way to deal with employers is to create in one’s mind an alternate version of a business relationship in order to cope with bad bosses, or corrosive working environments in general. Think of them as a Client that YOU are offering services to. Yes, they have the power to underpay you, fire you, etc. -but YOU have the power to fire them because you’re tired of dealing with their crap.

It just takes time to prepare for changing clients, and you have to be more careful in selecting a future client to offer your services to when you interview them during the Job Interview that they put you through. In your mind, take the power to think of better choices, to build doors when you feel trapped, and to frame your relationship when you have to cope with a bad boss.

I am Lormenkal
2022-10-21 19:17:54

Sensitivity training is literally useless in terms of what it claims to do, on the other hand its good for avoiding harsh penalties in lawsuits in that area and in creating PR/getting rid of bad PR

Rob Brown
2022-10-19 20:34:35

Wait, what??? Everything you are talking about is what make it A, (wait for it) JOKE Are you serious here?

Caroline D
2022-10-19 05:11:34

I think this video misses the point: these examples are satire. They're not supposed to be realistic.

2022-10-19 02:49:42

A Master of Human Resources would have been cool to break this down. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Jeffrey Chongsathien
2022-10-18 17:23:55

I've spent much of my career being thrown under the bus by incompetent douche bags who've floated to the top... like a turd. From my anecdotal experience, I think most common dynamic for turds floating up, is that competent people leave, then companies promote up from within without even thinking if that employee is suitable for the new position. This dynamic rewards persistent hanging around, which is often a quality of the worst characters (narcissistic with deep seated insecurities protecting their positions over getting the job done right and what's good for the company). Eventually, the company is full of toxic lieutenants, who control the flow/lack of flow of information between the generals and the troops.

Oh, and Tessa's gorgeous 😍

2022-10-18 16:22:12

Homer’s new position is like me on my first day. You got the function, but you have no idea how things go

2022-10-18 16:17:17

That guy from office space? That’s every blackmailing, a**kissing sob in every office/workplace. I dealt one of them last week and I had to hold it in before I punched him in the face

Big Tex
2022-10-18 16:07:08

The guy from The Office would have been heavenly compared to some jerks I had to deal with.

2022-10-18 16:01:48


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