[MHRise : Sunbreak] Velkhana (Greatsword) | 3'38"72 | No hit | Freestyle |

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Charm used : Attack Boost 3, Slugger 2 2-0-0 (easily obtained nowadays) My setup is still not optimal and not endgame yet but I want to do this run so bad xD. Spend almost 800 worth of Prime amber just to get mail of hell fire and build up boost (worth it I guess). thankyou for watching!

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[MHRise : Sunbreak] Velkhana (Greatsword) | 3'38
[MHRise : Sunbreak] Velkhana (Greatsword) | 3'38
[MHRise : Sunbreak] Velkhana (Greatsword) | 3'38
[MHRise : Sunbreak] Velkhana (Greatsword) | 3'38
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2023-03-12 06:35:13

How are getting health back, is there life steal weapons?

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