Making custom gold grillz (to avoid crippling embarrassment)



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💻 Thanks to Opera for sponsoring this video! Get a browser that’s literally better at everything, download Opera today: 🤍 - Thanks to my friends for being part of the video! Allen Pan: 🤍🤍🤍allenpan TheBackyardScientist: 🤍🤍🤍TheBackyardScientist Erik: 🤍🤍🤍commentiquette Jabrils: 🤍🤍🤍Jabrils For years now, I have been too embarrassed to have someone make me my own custom grillz. However, I am tired of living like this and I have realized that my only choice - is to make them myself. Nile talks about lab safety (Chemistry is Dangerous): 🤍 - NileRed Beaker mugs: 🤍 - ■ NileRed: 🤍🤍

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Making custom gold grillz (to avoid crippling embarrassment)
Making custom gold grillz (to avoid crippling embarrassment)
Making custom gold grillz (to avoid crippling embarrassment)
Making custom gold grillz (to avoid crippling embarrassment)
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2023-12-08 18:38:40

The bottom one looks good. I always did like just the bottom done

2023-12-08 18:07:52

he's just waiting for the homie to give him $20

2023-12-08 13:58:53

They might not fit if you don’t wear them often, teeth tend to shift and move around easily overtime. I’m an orthodontic assistant, I’ve had custom mouthguards that won’t fit if they not being used.

2023-12-08 13:31:44

As a dental assistant who could of done those molds and casts perfect in less than 30 min this was painful, should of asked a dental buddy for help lol

2023-12-08 12:47:29

you should have made a cut in the blue stuff,, so there is less stress on it when trying to get the mold out :)

2023-12-08 05:26:02

1st thing, Please pull that $5000 18kt goldtree out of trash. Take it to a jeweler if you want thousands of dollars back.
Keep all that gold dust! Every particle of gold has value and never goes away. Gold now is over $2000 an ounce, so it looked like you had roughly $10,000 in gold for this project.

2023-12-08 03:49:58


2023-12-08 03:20:23

I wanna make beats for your videos cuz you just taught me this wit confidence

2023-12-08 03:19:38

Bro please wear them shits and listen to future/Hendrix

2023-12-08 02:21:33

if you need any help with doing this again just hmu 🤙 ive been making grillz for a while. its crazy to me that you got the casting good in the first try😳

2023-12-08 01:51:30

Bro go to Florida and they will love it and to be honest you did such a good job on them can u make me a pair please like for real I want one

2023-12-08 00:20:39

I love his awkward smile!
Also the laughter of everyone after everyone's opinion, and stopping when he removed the grillz LMAO

2023-12-08 00:01:08

Metal mouth from 007 !! Very cool

2023-12-07 21:56:44

Make me one please lol

2023-12-07 20:52:08

We love this lmaooo

2023-12-07 20:01:32

Nice casting!

If it makes you feel any better, you didn't look any more ridiculous than anyone else wearing grills.

2023-12-07 19:42:04

me: unsubscribes from every chanell with a SINGLE swear word an- 5hQPonVB-BE&t=41m34s 41:34

2023-12-07 18:35:17

when pouring the models you should add a thicker base layer on the top once the teeth have dried a little it makes it easier to pull out

2023-12-07 13:23:12

No wonder it took so long to get my permanent crown

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