Kazui Kurosaki’s EVIL CONNECTION TO HELL | Kazui’s Role In NEW Hell Arc!



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Kazui Kurosaki has been hinted at playing a major role with BLEACH’s upcoming Hell arc. He is the son of Ichigo Kurosaki and Orihime Inoue, which means that he has inherited a plethora of insane powers which may make him an easy target for manipulation. In this video I speculate several theories about the role of Kazui in the upcoming Hell arc of the BLEACH manga. Patreon - 🤍🤍patreon.com/DBZimran Twitter - 🤍twitter.com/DBZimran Discord - 🤍discord.gg/NtUyNRWZUa #BLEACH #Bleach2023 #BleachAnime

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Kazui Kurosaki’s EVIL CONNECTION TO HELL | Kazui’s Role In NEW Hell Arc!
Kazui Kurosaki’s EVIL CONNECTION TO HELL | Kazui’s Role In NEW Hell Arc!
Kazui Kurosaki’s EVIL CONNECTION TO HELL | Kazui’s Role In NEW Hell Arc!
Kazui Kurosaki’s EVIL CONNECTION TO HELL | Kazui’s Role In NEW Hell Arc!
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2023-11-29 07:48:30

I’m exited for this arc to come out. Personally the people I wanna see are the Kenpachi’s such as Kuruyashiki(I wanna see him the most I love him so much) and the original Gotei 13 captains and also the deceased Quincy

2023-11-29 03:31:57

When is tite Kubo going to continue kazui story 😢.

2023-11-21 16:07:36

U have to be apart of the soul society to get a zanpakto

2023-11-06 01:33:04

Wait there's a new Arc in bleach I thought tybw was the last one

2023-11-01 15:44:41

And fans like me, or still trying to figure out why fans like you see the hell arc like it’s a fact when not once has he ever stated he was for sure, continuing the story

2023-10-26 18:58:37

“It would be unfortunate if the son of the MC were to be stupid powerful due to lineage”


2023-10-23 12:51:01

Probably gonna see the Hell arc start on Bleach's 25th Anniversary

2023-10-21 14:38:54

Think imma pass
The whole skip 12 years and follow a 6 year old that acts 15 trope is waring out 😢

2023-10-21 05:23:40

Do you think that it eill get animed and dubed?

2023-10-20 21:25:07

Blud sending poor lost soul to Hell with a smiles 😭

2023-10-20 15:30:05

Best way to deal with Kazui's over poweredness? I'd have Ichigo bind his son's powers after they discover just how heavily he could mess up the balance between hell and the other worlds. This would also give the main characters conflict within the story and perhaps create an opportunity for the soul society's enemies to manipulate Kazui further if they hadn't already. All i see is potential. But know this, i don't care what role Ukitake will play. That man was a darling and he deserves his moment to shine.

2023-10-20 03:50:00

Kubo better not do what Naruto did. We don’t need no childish manga. We need something hardcore and more mature

2023-10-19 13:19:39

The Hell Arc isn't new, it's over two years old and no announcement has been made with respect to its continuation (so It's not upcoming).

2023-10-19 12:20:04

Ulquiorra should be left alone, his character was already perfect.

2023-10-19 08:05:42

ideas. shinigami represent those souls that allow a sense of nobility to be conferred to human degeneracy. They are avatars of mercy but also severity & injustice. Strong ideas or personalities suppress others. For the old dominant ideas to go away, they need to be relentlessly picked at and painted in harmful light: they are sent to hell.

For Kazui, all are equally deserving of this world of eternal challenge and fun, its the world of his father and mother who too were always picked at for being too stubborn or inflexible to adapt to and go allow with societal flows (even if unfair); both laugh off horror show shit and constantly choose violence, so to their innocent son, this is just normal way for people to play. So his figuring out ways to trap people in loops of failure and frustration is natural, as its the prime explanation for the world he sees: "everyone is already there"

2023-10-19 03:53:14


2023-10-18 05:46:35

Kazui pretty much taking the saying send you to hell quite literally.

2023-10-17 04:51:51

Man you guys just make anything up.

2023-10-17 00:27:29

Only thing more exciting that tybw rn

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