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Surviving a -36° Night - No Tent & No Sleeping Bag


This is the coldest outing I have been on to date. The temperature dropped all the way down to -36 degrees Celsius by the morning. All that was brought with me is what you see... 5 simple items. This was certainly a test of my abilities in the outdoors but enjoyable nonetheless. Thank you to everyone who watches! God bless. Extra info/FAQ: Location: Northern Alberta, Canada My Clothing: Outer layer - Waxed cotton Insulating layers- Wool & Cotton Base layer - Cotton I get criticized a lot because I choose to wear cotton in the outdoors. Argue about it all you want but if you keep it dry it insulates almost as good as wool. Keep your clothes dry and they'll keep you warm. Don't ever depend on wet clothing to keep you warm... even if it's wool. Keep. It. Dry. Are there wild animals in this area? Yes. There's a variety of big game (moose, deer, grizzly bears, black bears, cougars, wolves) in this area. They tend to avoid humans for the most part though and don't pose much of a threat. I do carry a form of protection just in case. How did I manage to sleep in such cold temperatures? Simply put: my fire. Having a large, hot fire is the reason I was able to stay comfortable throughout the night despite not having any bedding. The fire I made was as simple as it gets in terms of long fires. I probably should have built it differently to conserve the wood but it was still an effective fire that did it's job. My gear: Knife - Helle Sigmund Kettle - 9 Cup Aluminum Percolator Kettle Ferro Rod - Made by Uberleben Axe - 2 1/2 lb german-made boys axe. Bought used then restored it. Boots - Sorel Pac Boots Fingerless Gloves - Fox River Ragg Glove If you have any other questions or comments please let me know in the comments section down below.

Lost in Alaska - How to NOT Freeze to Death! Winter Survival Camping & Bushcraft (No Tent or Bag)


I am winter camping in Alaska without a tent or sleeping bag. I have only 6 items (saw, ferrous rod, knife, billy pot, and spoon) and I am going to show you how to survive even extreme cold comfortably. Outdoor Boys on FACEBOOK 🤍 Outdoor Boys on INSTAGRAM 🤍outdoorboyschannel BUY OUTDOOR BOYS T-SHIRTS 🤍

5 Nós Para Tudo no Seu Camping!


Loja Cavallini: 🤍 SuperCursoOutdoor: 🤍 Instagram Cavallini: 🤍 Seja Membro do Cava Club dos Canais: 🤍 Playlist de Nós: 🤍 SPOT Brasil: 🤍 Invictus: 🤍 Crosster: 🤍 Loja Mahrte: 🤍 - Quer ser escoteiro?! 🤍 🤍 🤍

WOW! Firewood is not needed!🔥#survival #bushcraft #outdoors #camping #fire


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Gloomy SOLO Camping IN RAIN [ Relax, Sleep in a Cosy Tent | Comfort ASMR ]


Welcome to our gloomy, cozy Rain Camping experience in the beautiful Australian Jungle! Join us for a night under the stars, where you can snuggle up and enjoy the soothing sounds of rainfall as you drift off to sleep. Our campsite is designed for ultimate comfort, so you can relax and unwind in the midst of nature's beauty. Camping in the rain can seem intimidating, but fear not! We've got everything you need to make your camping experience comfortable and enjoyable. From waterproof tents to warm blankets, we've got you covered. So sit back, relax, and let us take you on a journey through the magical rainforest. Whether you're a seasoned camper or new to the game, our cozy Rain Camping adventure is sure to be an unforgettable experience. Don't forget to hit that like and subscribe button to stay tuned for more cozy camping content! Sounds of Camping Episode 56 is here and I hope you enjoy it! ✅ If you like to buy Ted 🐕 a treat or a Coffee for us click below: 🤍 - 🏕️🛒 Most camping items we use are in the link below: 🤍 - Items which are not on Amazon / outside US: Firepit: 🤍 Our 4x4: Jeep Wrangler JK 2 Door 37 Inch tyres 3 Inch lift Unintentional ASMR anxiety relief comfort sleep therapy 캠핑 갬성캠핑 キャンプ #camping #campinginrain #relaxing - Please visit our other social media channels: Patreon: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Merch: 🤍

Old School Survival Camping - No Tent, No Sleeping Bag - Exploring Appalachia


I am hiking the Appalachian Mountains with my water skin, a possibilities bag and a bed roll. I am survival camping and trekking like a frontiersman (without the leather pants). Check out our camping videos playlist 🤍 Outdoor Boys on FACEBOOK 🤍 Outdoor Boys on INSTAGRAM 🤍outdoorboyschannel BUY OUTDOOR BOYS T-SHIRTS 🤍

3 Days Stranded in Alaska Without a Tent - Camping in Deep Snow Survival Shelters


I rode the hurricane train on the Alaska Railroad and was dropped off in the middle of Alaska's interior far from the nearest road or any civilization. I planned on skiing 11 miles off trail over a mountain pass to get back to the road system, but things didn't go as planned. Here is info about the train 🤍 Here is info about my pulk from Northern Sled Works in AK 🤍 my puffy pants 🤍 BIG Thanks to Exped. No they don't sponsor me, but they make awesome warm pads and the include a patch kit inside the stuff sack of each of their mats and it saved my butt. Check out their product here. 🤍 Outdoor Boys on FACEBOOK 🤍 Outdoor Boys on INSTAGRAM 🤍outdoorboyschannel BUY OUTDOOR BOYS T-SHIRTS 🤍

No Tent Winter Camping During Snow Storm - Exploring Natural Stone Maze


Me and my 5yr old son hiked to an amazing natural stone maze hidden in the Blueridge Mountains. We went winter camping without a tent but the temperature dropped 20 degrees and it snowed on us. But luckily we didn't let that stop us and while hiking we found a natural stone maze and built a primitive survival shelter in between some large rock outcroppings and while it was well bellow freezing we were very cozy. Check out our camping adventure playlist 🤍 Outdoor Boys on FACEBOOK 🤍 Outdoor Boys on INSTAGRAM 🤍outdoorboyschannel BUY OUTDOOR BOYS T-SHIRTS 🤍 MY CAMERA: GoPro Hero7 Black 🤍 MY EDITING SOFTWARE: Vegas Platinum 16 🤍 My FAVORITE OUTDOOR PRODUCTS FiskarAxe with 28" Handle 🤍 Blast Match Fire Starter 🤍 Adhesive Body Warmers 🤍

Why i will NOT go camping ever again…🤠 w Carter Kench #shorts


Subscribe:​ 🤍 | HIT THE LINK BUTTON | Turn on ALL post notifications! 🔔 Follow Carter Kench TikTok: 🤍 Instagram:🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Snapchat: 🤍 Welcome to the official Carter Kench YouTube channel. I do vlogs, storytimes, Tiktok compilations, pranks to come and more! Make sure to subscribe and turn on notifications!

I drove 8 hours for a camp stove | LIVING IN A 4RUNNER


Zora and I had a very long errand trip in the 4Runner. Thankfully, it was a multipurpose trip and also very scenic, which helped. Get my boots here: 🤍 AMAZON STOREFRONT (all things car camping): 🤍 MUSIC: 🤍 Enjoy the videos and would like to send us a treat? 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 Email: grace🤍 (Product links are affiliate links so if you purchase through one, it help support my channel at no additional cost to you.) #4runnercamping #4runner #noperfectplan

No build car camping setup in -4f/-20c. Winter car camping in a Subaru Outback


- Thrifted folding table underneath my 4 inch Queen memory foam - Weighted blanket and -20c/-4f sleeping bag. Plus an extra bag for Kyro 🐶 - He has his own bag for jackets and dog food. - An under-bed Rubbermaid bin is the hero here as my camp kitchen box. It fits all my supplies including my stove. - Garbage bag and reflectix for the windows - Behind the kitchen box is where Kyro sleeps. Of course he gets his own pillow. - When I'm inside the car I can still access the other side of the kitchen box and use it as a table. - Behind the drivers seat is my igloo cooler and on the other side is my gear bin. These are key to hold up the overhang so the bed has the same length as a queen size mattress. - The passenger seat holds my clothes and toiletries with a heater and shoes on the ground. - For safety, the drivers seat is clear and nothing is outside my car at night.

3 DAYS solo survival (NO FOOD, NO WATER, NO SHELTER) Catch and Cook, OCTOPUS - Bushcraft Camping


3 DAYS solo survival; Catch and Cook. Fishing, Mr. OCTOPUS. THUNDER. Bushcraft camping in heavy rain. primitive fish cooking. building survival shelter. I wanted to try myself in a new adventure. I was caught in the storm with my dog ​​Sıla. No water, no food, no shelter. I produced steam with the primitive method and water with the humidity method on the ground. I caught a great huge octopus. I cooked the Greek style octopus. Sila loved the octopus. The weather was very bad, there was a storm. I left the area on the morning of the 2nd day. I took refuge in a cave on a quieter island. I pierced my hand with a harpoon and was injured :( Please Hit The LIKE and SUBSCRIBE BUTTONS as well as the NOTIFICATION BELL. Thanks For Watching. :) My Most Popular Bushcraft Videos ; SOLO Two Days CAMPING at My BUSHCRAFT Camp - Sleep In EARTH SHELTER - Cook Big Steak on Mud Stove 🤍 7 Days Solo Survival Camping In Rain Forest, Building Warm Bushcraft Shelter, Clay Fireplace Cooking 🤍 3 DAYS solo survival (NO FOOD, NO WATER, NO SHELTER) Catch and Cook - Fishing - Bushcraft Camping 🤍 3 DAYS solo survival (NO FOOD, NO WATER) Catch and Cook, OCTOPUS - Rain Camping, Bushcraft Shelter 🤍 #bushcraft #survival #camping my favorite videos on youtube; Building complete and warm survival shelter | Bushcraft earth hut, grass roof & fireplace with clay 🤍 Solo Survival LOBSTER Catch n Cook (No Water, No Food) 🤍 Giant Lobster Catch and Cook With My Family 🤍 7 Days Stranded At Sea 🤍 The Survivor Games 🤍 follow me :) please Instagram 🤍 Facebook 🤍

Lofoten (no camping) Vlog 302 2023 28 Scandinavie vlog 15 @fritsellen


Steeds meer campers naar de Lofoten. Net als in Portugal steeds meer borden No Camping helaas. Hallo beste kijkers wat kan je verwachten op ons Youtube kanaal! We maken trips door Europa met onze Sunlight camper! Die we vast leggen met onze foto en video apparatuur een Insta360 one rs action camera een Lumix f1000 een Canon 650 De dji mini drone en natuurlijk de Samsung S22 ultra niet te vergeten! Waar we in de avonduren met Magix video de luxe premium weer een leuke vlog van maken die u hopelijk met veel plezier bekijkt en ons blijft volgen in onze toekomstige avonturen! Wij zijn Frits&Ellen We zouden het leuk vinden als je, je abonneert op ons kanaal en vergeet het belletje niet aan te vinken dan mis je niets meer! Het is bovendien geheel gratis! Blijven kijken en Geniet van het leven tot ziens! Frits&Ellen Fotografie en video: INSTA360, Drone DJI Mavic mini, Samsung S22 ultra, LUMIX DMC-F1000, Sony HDR-AZ1, Canon PowerShot D20, Editing program: Magix video deluxe premium, Kinemaster Pro: ,InShot pro: Navigatie: Garmin 360, Google Maps, Sygic U kunt ons ook vinden op de onderstaande links! Onze website: 🤍 FritsEllen op Facebook: 🤍 FritsEllen op YouTube: 🤍 FritsEllen op Instagram: 🤍 FritsEllen op Polarsteps: 🤍 FindPenguin: 🤍 Gebruikte muziek in de vlog: Music Credits YOUTUBE AUDIO LIBRARY: Thanks!

Caught in a Storm - 4 days solo bushcraft, camping in heavy rain, portable wood stove, canvas tent


Got caught in a crazy storm on the last days of my winter bushcraft camping trip. Storm Ciara had passed the previous week or so. I was eager to get out but little did I know storm Dennis was on its way. When the storm arrived, I was already deep in the forest off trail for 2 days with lots of rain but no crazy winds. I opted to set my second camp on a raised part of a lake. No trees windward from me, just water, but also no shelter from the 70 mph winds (110 km/h). With the conical shape of my shelter and past experiences with my bigger tipi tent in previous storms, I felt optimistic that it would be ok in the wind. First night of the storm I skipped dinner and held tight waiting for the worst part of it to pass. I had my stove with me and decided to put it to the test anyway, hoping the thing wouldn't fill the shelter with smoke or break. Impressively it did not, it kept me warm and cozy inside while the madness was picking up strength outside, the worst of it during the night. Crazy experience, but I must say I enjoyed it tremendously. The next day was spent gathering wood and cooking some nice food even though the storm was still lingering. New videos every week, thanks for watching! - Ric OBS: If you want to practice unnecessary high impact bushcraft activities like shelter / fort building, cut living or dead standing trees, damage the nature in any form in Scandinavia, you need to have Landowner permission or own the land. Always observe local fire prohibitions and forecasts to prevent forest fires. Finally, don’t be a twat, always be respectful of the forest and it’s inhabitants, leave no trace. _ GEAR I USE 🤍 PAINTING ON THIS VIDEO 🤍 FOOD chicken, meat, bell peppers, cheese, bacon, onion, eggs WILDERNESS PAINTINGS 🤍 MERCH 🤍 _ BUSHCRAFT AND CAMPING TRIPS 🤍 WILDERNESS PAINTING DEMOS 🤍 _ Behind the scenes and best moments shots: 🤍 _ Q&A Where is this? - Scandinavia Can you share the location? - No. Landowners don't want me too. You need permission to do some of the thing I do in the video. Where did you get the food? - supermarket wilderness Where did the chicken come from? - from an egg Why don't you hunt your own food? - plenty of dead meat in the supermarket. I prefer to observe the little wild life that is left, and hunt if I really need to. But not for a youtube video. How do you keep your food from spoiling? - it’s freezing cold, the whole place is a fridge/freezer Do you have a filming crew? - no Have you met bigfoot? - no Do wild life bother you? - not if I don't bother them What wild animals do you have in that country? - wild boar, moose, linx, fox, hares, deers, squirrels, wolves, brown bears, martens, badgers, hedgehogs, reign deers, eagles, Ravens, owls etc.. Do you sell your paintings? - Yes, link above

Hot Tent Camping In A Snowstorm


In this video I went hot tent camping in a snowstorm. I have not been hot tent camping in a snowstorm since last fall and it was awesome! It all started with a mix of rain and snow with some wind. By the time my hot tent was set up it was snowing heavily and the wind started blowing 20-30 mph (9-13 m/s). The temperature was only 31°F (-0.5°C) but dropped to 24°F (-4.5°C) overnight. I cooked chili for dinner with a hot cup of apple cider to warm me up. I also tried out my new Pomoly Hussar Plus hot tent along with my Pomoly Lumberjack wood stove. It was a very successful trip and I had a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy the great winter weather like I did! ►HIKE CAMP CLIMB GEAR LIST: 🤍 ►DISCLAIMER: Links included in this description might be affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. If you purchase a product or service with the links that I provide I may receive a small commission. There is no additional charge to you! Thank you for supporting my channel so I can continue to provide you with free content! ADDITIONAL GEAR USED IN THIS VIDEO: ►Pomoly Hussar Plus Hot Tent: 🤍 ►Pomoly Lumberjack Wood Stove: 🤍 ►Mountain Equipment Iceline Sleeping Bag: 🤍 ► SUBSCRIBE: 🤍 ► CONTACT ME: nate🤍 ► MERCHANDISE: 🤍 ► INSTAGRAM: 🤍 ► TIKTOK: 🤍 #wintercamping #hottent #snowcamping Chapters: 00:00 Finding Camp 01:20 Pomoly Hussar Plus Hot Tent Set Up 05:45 Pomoly Lumberjack Wood Stove Set Up 08:12 Gathering Firewood 12:10 Processing Firewood 15:45 Starting A Fire 17:41 Cooking Dinner 23:38 Sleep System Set Up 26:25 Making Coffee 31:33 Coffee By The Lake 34:25 Breaking Camp

Camping With Household Items - No Gear


No gear on this trip! Just grabbed a few things from around the house and made do with what I could find. No fancy tents, no fancy knives, just a regular bare-bones, mom and pop, meat and potato camping trip. Socials: • Facebook: 🤍 • Instagram: 🤍 • Twitter: 🤍

NO CAMPING: um dia inteiro FAZENDO MALA DA FAMILIA: comida, roupas, make e mais... Rê Andrade


#familiadare #viagememfamilia #campingnaeuropa Hoje vamos fazer malas de viagem juntos, mostro tudo o que levo na minha mala, mala do bebe e da Larinha. ASSISTA TAMBEM: 🤍 Meu canal de videos: 🤍 Canal da Larinha: 🤍 Assista o vlog da descoberta da gravidez: 🤍 E o vlog Contando sobre a gravidez para o marido: 🤍 E o vlog contando para minha filha da gravidez: 🤍 E contando para a familia sobre a gravidez: 🤍 Testes caseiros para saber se é menina ou menino: 🤍 Instagram 🤍ReAndradeOficial email para parcerias: assessoria🤍 Tiktok 🤍ReAndradeOfC Para comprar meu livro na Europa: Meu canal de historias: Canal da Larinha: Meu canal em francês:



NOT SOLO CAMPING • CAMPING IN HEAVY RAIN, FLOOD AND THUNDERSTORM‼️ Before the month of Ramadan came, my friend and I did our not solo camping at a location we had never been to before. This location is still around the southern slope of Mount Slamet. We started our journey when the weather was quite cloudy. Yes, it's still rainy season where we are. So, we can't predict the weather because anything can happen in the wild. While on the way, it started to rain so we used raincoats. The heavy rain flooded the road we were on. The water was flowing so fast on the street that our shoes got wet. Heavy rain accompanied by lightning accompanied our journey to the location. We set up our tent under the heavy rain. Luckily, the lightning wasn't too intense when we set up the tents. After the tent was up, we rested while drinking coffee, while enjoying the serene sound of the rain. In the evening, we made dinner in the form of steamboat and chicken nuggets. Meanwhile in the morning we made breakfast in the form of breadtoast. Find our gears at the Eiger Adventure Official Store: Shopee: 🤍 Tokopedia: 🤍 Lazada: 🤍 Follow me on instagram: 🤍 Thank you everyone ❤ = NOT SOLO CAMPING • CAMPING IN HEAVY RAIN, FLOOD AND THUNDERSTORM‼️ Sebelum bulan Ramadhan, Saya dan teman saya berkemah di lokasi yang belum pernah kami datangi. Lokasi ini masih di sekitar kereng gunung Slamet. Kami memulai perjalanan saat cuaca yang cukup mendung. Ya, di tempat kami masih musim hujan. Jadi, kami tidak bisa memprediksi cuaca karena semua bisa terjadi di alam liar. Saat dalam perjalanan, hujan mulai turun sehingga kami menggunakan jas hujan. Hujan deras membuat jalan yang kami lewati banjir. Air mengalir sangat deras di jalanan sehingga sepatu kami basah. Hujan deras disertai petir menyertai perjalanan kami hingga sampai di lokasi. Kami mendirikan tenda di bawah hujan deras. Beruntung, petir tidak terlalu intens saat kami mendirikan tenda. Setalah tenda berdiri, kami pun beristirahat sambil memimum kopi, sambil menikmati suara hujan yang syahdu. Malama harinya, kami membuat makan malam berupa steamboat dan juga nugget ayam. Sedangkam pagi hari kami membuat sarapan berupa breadtoast. Terima kasih semuanya ❤ #camping #campingintherain #solocamping #캠핑 #डेराडालना #eigeradventure #campinginheavyrain #solocampinginrainstorm #heavyraincamping #campingintherainstorm #heavyrain #rainstorm #tent #thunderstorm

NO TENT Winter Camping & Backpacking - Hiking & Camping in Snow


Camping with my 5 yr old son in the snow without a tent while hiking and exploring New England. Exploring frozen waterfalls and canyons. The whole family is in New England camping exploring and adventuring. We didnt have a tent with us so we had to make a shelter with a tarp and my backpacking wood stove. Check out our Camping & Adventure Playlist 🤍 Check back HERE for the link to our Maine Adventure with the Family when it posts. Outdoor Boys on FACEBOOK 🤍 Outdoor Boys on INSTAGRAM 🤍outdoorboyschannel BUY OUTDOOR BOYS T-SHIRTS 🤍 MY CAMERA: GoPro Hero7 Black 🤍 MY EDITING SOFTWARE: Vegas Platinum 16 🤍 My FAVORITE OUTDOOR PRODUCTS FiskarAxe with 28" Handle 🤍 Blast Match Fire Starter 🤍 Adhesive Body Warmers 🤍

[148] Camping alone in the car on the day of the typhoon. | Vlog | Relaxing | Soothing


#Camping #Vlog #ASMR ※ This is a video of camping alone without a companion. All video shooting and editing, including aerial video shooting(Drone), was done by myself. Hello. I'm Mari. Always be healthy. Instagram 🤍 #stealth #healing #typhoon #campingfood #rainsounds

Why you're cold at night camping



NO CAMPING! / Roblox: Flee the Facility Episode #11


In this video, we are playing Flee the Facility on Roblox. This is the NO CAMPING edition. The rule will be no camping if you are the beast! Will we be able to capture all of the survive without camping them?! ✔Subscribe to our channel!: 🤍 ✔Follow Us on Twitter: 🤍 ✔Follow Us on Instagram: 🤍 ►Previous Video: 🤍 ►Play Flee the Facility Roblox here: 🤍 ►Outro Music is Royalty Free Music from 🤍 Under Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License #JanetandKate #TeamJK #Roblox

Cowboy Camping on the CDT


This is how we set up camp every night in New Mexico during our Continental Divide Trail thruhike. We cowboy camped, or slept under the stars, on most nights in New Mexico. We carried a tarp in case of rain. We did not carry a tent in New Mexico. #Shorts

Hot Tent Snow Camping In Old Growth Forest | Wood Stove Cheese Steak


On this adventure I went hot tent snow camping in old growth forest. I've always wanted to hot tent camp here in the snow. Many of the trees are hundreds of years old and hundreds of feet tall. The forest gives off an eerie vibe but it is absolutely stunning to see. It snowed almost non stop the entire trip and temperatures stayed around 23 F (-5 C). I cooked up some delicious cheese steak sandwiches on the wood stove for dinner and had scrambled eggs for breakfast. Before I packed up I got to play around with the Dwarf Telescope made by TinyScope. It worked surprisingly well and I can't wait to use it somewhere with an actual view. I hope you enjoy the beautiful forest in this video! ►HIKE CAMP CLIMB GEAR LIST: 🤍 ►DISCLAIMER: Links included in this description might be affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. If you purchase a product or service with the links that I provide I may receive a small commission. There is no additional charge to you! Thank you for supporting my channel so I can continue to provide you with free content! ADDITIONAL GEAR USED IN THIS VIDEO: ►Pomoly Fort Hot Tent: 🤍 ►Pomoly T1 Mini Wood Stove: 🤍 ►Dwarf Telescope: 🤍 ► SUBSCRIBE: 🤍 ► CONTACT ME: nate🤍 ► MERCHANDISE: 🤍 ► INSTAGRAM: 🤍 ► TIKTOK: 🤍 #woodstove #hottent #camping Chapters: 00:00 Intro 00:31 Finding Camp 01:19 Tent Setup 02:43 Wood Stove Setup 04:17 Wood Processing 07:19 Cot Setup 09:22 Lighting the Stove 12:36 Cooking Dinner 15:46 Bedtime 17:52 Melting Snow for Coffee 19:55 Cooking Breakfast 21:11 Dwarf Telescope 21:58 Breaking Camp

Rain Camping with No Tent - Cowboy Tarp Camping Adventure


As a front pushes into the Mountains of NC, Luke is out for a Cowboy Camp. In this Adventure, Luke is sleeping on the ground, underneath a gigantic tarp! Heavy Rain is on the way and the adventure, begins now. .... Want to Send Us Something? TOGR - PO Box 111 7378 Old US 421 S Deep Gap, NC 28618 ... Gear List for this Adventure : After receiving countless messages from viewers about supporting the channel through Amazon, I have begun using Amazon Affiliate links in the Adventure Videos and if you choose to purchase one of these products via these links I will receive a small commission which will help fund future honest reviews and adventures. The channel remains as it always was, 100% Agenda Free with no sponsored videos, no paid reviews, and I don't care if you purchase these products or not; you won't find affiliate links in review videos only in adventures. I'm going to do my best to put gear lists into all of my videos since everyone is asking for them all the time. For this trip, here are the big items that I used. CowBoy Camp Gear List : Camera Equipment : - Sony A7S III : 🤍 - Sony 20mm 1.8 Lens : 🤍 - SIRUI Carbon Fiber Travel 5C Tripod : 🤍 - Batteries : 🤍 - Rode VideoMic Pro Plus Mic : 🤍 - Sony TOUGH-G SDXC UHS-II 128GB V90 Memory Card : 🤍 - DJI Mini Drone : 🤍 Clothing : Fjallraven Zip-Off Pants : 🤍 OldNavy Active T-Shirt : oldnavy USMC Fleece Sweater : for green 🤍 for brown Arcteryx Conveyor Belt : 🤍 Darn Tough Socks : 🤍 SCARPA Men's Kailash Trek GTX Hiking Boot : 🤍 Smartwool Merino Wool Hat : : 🤍 5.11 Rain Jacket : 🤍 Outdoor Research Helium II Rain Pants : 🤍 Oakley Men's Gradient Flak Jacket 03-881 Black Wrap Sunglasses : 🤍 Gear : Aqua Quest Safari 20x13 ft Olive Drab Tarp : OneTigris Bulwark Camping Tarp : 🤍 Fjallraven Kajka 75 Backpack : 🤍 Carinthia Defence 4 Sleeping Bag : 🤍 German Folding Mat : SleepingO Sleeping Pad Mat : 🤍 550 Cord : 🤍 Varusteleka Terävä Jääkäripuukko 110 Knife : 🤍 Bahco Hand Saw : 🤍 Nemo Moonlander Table : 🤍 Helinox Chair One : 🤍 MSR PocketRocket Ultralight : 🤍 Toaks 750ML Pot with Bail Handle : 🤍 TOAKS Titanium Long Handle Spoon with Polished Bowl : 🤍 MSR Small Cup : 🤍 Evernew Titanium Pot : 🤍 Bigfoot Bushcraft Fire Starters : 🤍 Garmin Instinct Solar GPS Watch : 🤍 Mountain House Chicken and Dumplings : 🤍 Kershaw Cryo II Folding Knife : 🤍 NiteCore Power Bank : 🤍 NiteCore NU32 Headlamp : 🤍 Nite Ize Lantern : 🤍 Fenix Lantern : 🤍 Lighters : 🤍 Tasmanian Tiger Modular Pouch Kit : 🤍 Tasmanian Tiger Mesh Pouch Kit : 🤍 ... 100% Agenda Free : This channel is Agenda Free and is fully supported by the viewers. Support TOGR through Patreon : 🤍 or Support TOGR through YouTube : 🤍 ... Web Site : 🤍 Come Join Us on Facebook, Twitter Instagram : Facebook : 🤍 Twitter : 🤍 Instagram : 🤍

NO TENT! Winter Camping Under The Stars With Cheap Gear


Quick overnight camping trip without a shelter. I set up with my very basic gear and two cheap sleeping bags, a tarp, and a folding chair. Beef stew for dinner cooked over a roaring fire. Website: 🤍 My Amazon store: 🤍 Merch: 🤍 Socials: • Facebook: 🤍 • Instagram: 🤍 • Twitter: 🤍 • TikTok: 🤍



Did you know the left lane is for passing only? Driving in the left lane can cause traffic delays and unsafe conditions for cars wishing to pass. It's also illegal! Sheriff Mark Lamb went to educate drivers. #notallheroeswearcapes

Solo camping in heavy rain - sudden heavy rain tent , relaxing , ASMR


Camping alone in the pouring rain by the lake Thank you so much for watching my video! #camping #outdoors #solocamping 🤍



Freezing cold temperatures reach -30C while winter camping alone in a hot tent. Storm warnings issued for the next 48hrs. Follow me on Instagram - 🤍 Make sure to Like, Share, SUBSCRIBE & hit that BELL NOTIFICATION -PLEASE SEE LINKS BELOW FOR THE GEAR I USE- If you are looking for a canvas tent check out this budget option- Canvas Tent- 🤍 Wood Stove- 🤍 Cloths I wear- Base Layer Top- 🤍 Base Layer bottom- 🤍 Mid Layer Top- 🤍 Heavy weight green wool pants- 🤍 Multi Cam Tactical Pants- 🤍 Winter Parka- 🤍 Green Wool Watch Cap- 🤍 Balaclava- 🤍 Liner Wool socks- 🤍 Wool Socks- 🤍 Wool Underwear - 🤍 Boots- 🤍 Leather work gloves- 🤍 Cold weather gloves- 🤍 Goggles- 🤍 Tools/ Gear I Carry- Axe- 🤍 Knife- 🤍 Multitool- 🤍 Folding Saw- 🤍 Pocket Flashlight- 🤍 Headlamp- 🤍 Fire steel- 🤍 CAT + Rigid Tourniquet Case- 🤍 Israeli Bandage- 🤍 Quick clot- 🤍 Medical kit- 🤍 Back Pack- 🤍 Canteen Cup w/lid- 🤍 Electronics/Communications I Carry- GPS for Snow machine/ ATV- 🤍 Pocket GPS- 🤍 Satellite phone- 🤍 Portable power- 🤍 My Watch- 🤍 Cooking Gear I Use Cast Iron Dutch Oven- 🤍 Cast Iron Tripod- 🤍 Dutch Oven Lid Lifter- 🤍 Cast Iron Skillet- 🤍 Propane stove- 🤍 Check out our latest videos below- -20c HOT TENT WINTER CAMPING || CONSTRUCTING OFF-GRID BUSHCRAFT CAMP 🤍 ESCAPE to a WINTER PARADISE || CAST IRON HOT TENT WINTER CAMPING 🤍 -29C WINTER CAMPING in a CAST IRON HOT TENT | ESCAPE to the WILDERNESS 🤍 ESCAPE to the WILDERNESS || COLD CAMPING in WINTER WALL TENT 🤍 ESCAPE to the WILDERNESS || WINTER CAMPING in a HOT TENT 🤍 ESCAPE to the WILDERNESS || CAST IRON HOT TENT WINTER CAMPING 🤍 Vivian Video- ESCAPE to the WILDERNESS || WOOD FIRE MEAT in a HOT TENT WINTER CAMPING 🤍 ESCAPE to the WILDERNESS || CONSTRUCTING CAMP for HOT TENT WINTER CAMPING-🤍 How to set up a HOT TENT for WINTER CAMPING in -40c 🤍 Follow me on FACEBOOK- 🤍 Thank you for the continued support! Surviving in frigid cold temperatures down to -40°C is completely doable as long as you follow these basic tips on how to set up a hot tent for winter camping with an internal frame. This method will work with Hot tents, Wall tents, Canvas tents, Outfitter tents or prospector tents. Join us for our winter camping adventures in a hot tent AKA Wall tent, Canvas tent with wood stove, Outfitter tent or a prospector tent. Follow me for bushcraft and survival skill and outdoor cast iron cooking. This video is NOT sponsored. Some product links are affiliate links which means if you buy something we'll receive a small commission.

local asian with no life skills goes camping (help)


Thank you to NordVPN for sponsoring this video B)! Get your epic nordVPN deal here: 🤍 ପ(๑•ᴗ•๑)ଓ ♡ hello axolots you gremlins, As we speak I am currently uploading this on a laptop that is five seconds away from combusting into tiny pieces. Each letter i type lags behind by 2 seconds, I have to foresee the typos before I type them down. I truly have reached nirvana. Today on the menu we have marshmallow munching, s'more making, camping, trying not to get mcdied by the random person who is climbing up my fence, you know the relatable stuff. I have never hone camping before outdoors so this is truly an interesting new experience, oh what's that? "Faline this doesn't count because you're still in your house compounds" sorry I couldn't hear you over the sound of me braving the wilderness. In today's establishment, we learn some new life skills such as opening a can of soup. Hope you guys enjoy this premiere, I haven't premiered a video in a hot minute and it's always fun to be able to talk to you guys live before then. Hope everyone is doing well, remember to drop a fat LIKE and COMMENT "haha sussy campfire' or else you will never see your family again. They are living in an aquarium in my basement.

Solo Camping in the Snow - No Shelter


Spent a wonderful evening on the first day of spring by some small rock outcrop cooked some delicious food watched the stars and had a beautiful night's rest Instagram: 🤍Xanderbudnick

Swamp Survival Camping & Bushcraft (No Tent) - Hunting & Eating Frogs


The Outdoor Boys spent 5 days in the biggest swamp in Louisiana, so of course we decided to go hiking and camping deep in the bayou. We hiked through chest deep muck, braved a storm and fed thousands of mosquitoes. We also made frog leg jambalaya with some yellow throated frogs we caught with our hands in the swamp. If you want to go on a bayou fishing, crabbing, catch clean and cook adventure check out Cajun Experience 🤍 Check out the video of our entire 5 days trips hunting and fishing 🤍 Check out our entire camping adventure video playlist here 🤍 Outdoor Boys on FACEBOOK 🤍 Outdoor Boys on INSTAGRAM 🤍outdoorboyschannel BUY OUTDOOR BOYS T-SHIRTS 🤍 MY CAMERA: GoPro Hero7 Black 🤍 MY EDITING SOFTWARE: Vegas Platinum 16 🤍 My FAVORITE OUTDOOR PRODUCTS FiskarAxe with 28" Handle 🤍 Blast Match Fire Starter 🤍 Adhesive Body Warmers 🤍



14 Easy Camping Meals *NO COOLER REQUIRED*


Today I wanted to share some easy camping meal ideas that don't require a cooler. I love to cook at camp, and having a cooler allows me to bring a larger variety of foods and ingredients to cook with. But maybe you don't have a cooler, or you don't have a large cooler - whatever the reason, I wanted to give you some easy camp meal ideas - no cooler or fridge required... //CAMPING RECIPES ON THE BLOG: 🤍 //OTHER VIDEOS YOU MIGHT LIKE: ◦ 3 Foil Packet Recipes - 🤍 ◦ 11 Easy Camping Breakfast Ideas - 🤍 ◦ 9 Easy Camping Dinner Ideas - 🤍 //MY CAMERA GEAR Camera - 🤍 Vlogging lens - 🤍 Microphone - 🤍 SD card - 🤍 My drone - 🤍 GoPro - 🤍 Waterproof GoPro handle - 🤍 Music for my videos - 🤍 //LET'S CONNECT Blog: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Pinterest: 🤍 THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WATCHING! DISCLAIMER: This video description contains affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a small commission if you click on the items mentioned. You are under NO obligation to do so. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Thank you for your support of my channel! Amanda Outside: Sharing camping and hiking tips and food ideas so you can get outside more... and eat great food while you're at it!

No Shelter Thunder Storm Stealth Camping


Things didn't quite go to plan on this trip, the weather forecast was severely off! I planned a nice relaxing simple stealth camping trip in the city. The forecast for my camping night called for just a few sprinkles and then a quiet but cold night. The skies opened up at about 10 and the hail and thunder began. The night was an adventure, I got soaked, but it was a blast. Socials: • Facebook: 🤍 • Instagram: 🤍 • Twitter: 🤍

I Competed in a NO CAMPING Tournament... (Fortnite Competitive)


I Competed in a ELIM ONLY Tournament... (NO PLACEMENT - Fortnite Competitive) Drop a LIKE for more Fortnite Battle Royale Funny Moments Gameplay videos! 👉 Subscribe To My Channel 🤍 👉 Subscribe To My 2nd Channel 🤍 👉 Follow my Twitter 🤍 I Competed in a ELIM ONLY Tournament... (NO PLACEMENT - Fortnite Competitive) I hope you guys enjoy this Fortnite Battle Royale gameplay funny moments video! Today we go into Fortnite battle royale chapter 3 season 2 and play in the solo elim only lightning cup! Follow All My Socials 🔥 Main Channel 🤍 🔥 2nd Channel 🤍 🔥 Twitter 🤍 🔥 Twitch 🤍 🔥 Instagram 🤍 🔥 Tiktok: 🤍 Hope you guys enjoyed this video, make sure to drop a like! #fortnite #kiwiz fortnite competitive fortnite arena fortnite scrims fortnite tournament kiwiz tournament kiwiz fortnite fortnite tips fortnite leaks fortnite update - Kiwiz

Bushcraft Survival Shelter - No Tent No Sleeping Bag Winter Camping


Me and Nate are winter camping in Alaska without sleeping bag and without tents. SO I got a very short day to build a winter survival shelter using bushcraft skills and buffalo hides. We are also cooking massive delicious Alaskan king crab over a campfire. Check out our 21 days Alaskan Winter Adventure 🤍 Camping Video Playlist 🤍 Outdoor Boys on FACEBOOK 🤍 Outdoor Boys on INSTAGRAM 🤍outdoorboyschannel BUY OUTDOOR BOYS T-SHIRTS 🤍 MY CAMERA: GoPro Hero7 Black 🤍 MY EDITING SOFTWARE: Vegas Platinum 16 🤍 My FAVORITE OUTDOOR PRODUCTS FiskarAxe with 28" Handle 🤍 Blast Match Fire Starter 🤍 Adhesive Body Warmers 🤍

NO Campsites Left 2021! Top 10 Tips For Camping & RV Living Crisis


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One Week of NO HOOKUP RV Camping


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Stealth Camping In Roundabout


Gear I use available on Amazon - 🤍 Camera gear I use - 🤍 I finally found the perfect roundabout to crawl into and go camping for the night. It was a very stealthy spot, and I've looked long and hard to find one like this. It was a typical night of hiding, drinking beer, and being quiet, but it was exciting as always. Overall a good camping trip, but I did find it a bit noisy of a night so likely wouldn't camp there again. Socials: • Facebook: 🤍 • Instagram: 🤍 • Twitter: 🤍

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