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Deepin 23 First Look | The Hottest Linux Release of the Year or a Risky Bet? (NEW)


Get Linux Mastery Express: 🤍 If your current Linux distro is uninspiring, boring and you’re going through the same same old operating system and you're longing for something fresh, intuitive, and visually stunning? Well, You’re going to want to see this. Support Me on Patreon: 🤍 Connect with Me on Instagram: 🤍 Deepin Linux is true gamechanger in the world of open source industry. It’s not yet another distro using the same desktops and the same underlying tech, nope. Deepin has its own desktop environment, its homegrown default software pack, its own innovative new package manager and a lot more going on. I’ve been using Deepin 23 for some time now and it is mesmerizing, I’ll give it that. But it also had me asking some very important questions. Deepin Linux has had itself in the middle of some ugly controversies. So I started doing some research, and what did I find out. Let’s start from the beginning. Shall we.

Installation And First Look Of Deepin 20.8 (And It's Gorgeous!)


Today, I'm going to be taking a quick first look at the recently released Deepin 20.8. This is a Debian-based distro that features its own desktop environment and suite of custom applications. And it's absolutely gorgeous! REFERENCED: ► 🤍 WANT TO SUPPORT THE CHANNEL? 💰 Patreon: 🤍 💳 Paypal: 🤍 🛍️ Amazon: 🤍 👕 Teespring: 🤍 DONATE CRYPTO: 💰 Bitcoin: 1Mp6ebz5bNcjNFW7XWHVht36SkiLoxPKoX 🐶 Dogecoin: D5fpRD1JRoBFPDXSBocRTp8W9uKzfwLFAu 📕 LBC: bMfA2c3zmcLxPCpyPcrykLvMhZ7A5mQuhJ DT ON THE WEB: 🕸️ Website: 🤍 📁 GitLab: 🤍 🗨️ Mastodon: 🤍 👫 Reddit: 🤍 📽️ LBRY/Odysee: 🤍 FREE AND OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE THAT I USE: 🌐 Brave Browser - 🤍 📽️ Open Broadcaster Software: 🤍 🎬 Kdenlive: 🤍 🎨 GIMP: 🤍 🎵 Tenacity: 🤍 💻 VirtualBox: 🤍 🗒️ Doom Emacs: 🤍 Your support is very much appreciated. Thanks, guys!

Deepin Linux - Desktop OS Market Share 2003 - 2022


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DEEPIN: is the MOST BEAUTIFUL Linux desktop GOOD?


Use code LINUXEXPERIMENT to get 25% off your 2TB cloud storage plan on Internxt: 🤍 Grab a brand new laptop or desktop running Linux:🤍 👏 SUPPORT THE CHANNEL: Get access to an exclusive weekly podcast, vote on the next topics I cover, and get your name in the credits: YOUTUBE: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 Or, you can donate whatever you want: 🤍 🏆 FOLLOW ME ELSEWHERE: Linux news in Youtube Shorts format: 🤍 Join us on our Discord server: 🤍 Twitter : 🤍 Mastodon: 🤍 Pixelfed: 🤍 My Gaming on Linux Channel: 🤍 📷 GEAR I USE: Sony Alpha A6600 Mirrorless Camera: 🤍 Sigma 56mm Fixed Prime Lens: 🤍 Logitech MX Master 3 Mouse: 🤍 Bluetooth Space Grey Mac Keyboard: 🤍 Logitech Brio 4K Webcam: 🤍 LG Curved Ultrawide Monitor: 🤍 Logitech White Speakers: 🤍 Xbox Controller: 🤍 *Amazon Links are affiliate codes and generate small commissions to support the channel* This video is distributed under the Creative Commons Share Alike license. #linux #deepin #desktop 00:00 Intro 00:43 Get 25% off your private and secure file and photo storage 01:53 The Desktop Shell: beautiful, but not very open 05:39 Look & Feel: that's a really beautiful theme 08:48 Window Management: a step behind other desktops 10:47 Default Applications: a large, good selection 14:46 App Store: Good ideas, bad execution 16:50 Is Deepin a good desktop? 18:22 Get a laptop or desktop running Linux out of the box 19:40 Support the channel Both layouts are more Windows like. The default one, "Fashion mode", is more WIndows 11 inspired, with a floating panel, centered task list and app shortcuts, indicators on the right, but keeping the menu in the bottom left corner. The other mode, called "Efficient" mode, is basically the previous windows layout, with the panel stuck to the bottom, and the task list aligned to the left. The main Deepin menu lets you open apps. You can turn this menu into a full screen grid of apps. Apps in the grid can be rearranged, but you can't create your own folders, unfortunately. Grand Search is basically spotlight from macOS. You can open it by hitting shift + space , and it lets you search through files, folders, documents, apps, settings, or even web searches. Now, let's talk looks, because Deepin is, in my opinion, the most beautiful desktop you can get on Linux. Not only because it's nice, and modern, and a bit flashy, but also because that design actually seems well thought out. The desktop itself isn't super heavy on effects and transitions. The apps have a solid, white or black background, with good contrast: very dark grey text and buttons, with blue highlights by default. The default theme Deepin apps use is also used on other apps you decide to install, GTK or KDE apps. Of course, you can tweak all of that, with a dark mode, or an auto light/dark switch, and accent colors. Window management on Deepin DE is pretty basic. It has edge tiling, and drag up to maximize, as you'd expect, although corner tiling isn't there. It also has a multitasking view that combines virtual desktops and an exposé view of all your currently open apps. This view is pretty laggy and doesn't feel very smooth, with choppy animations, even on a relatively good integrated AMD GPU in high performance mode. It looks good, but it's not very fluid. There are touchpad gestures as well to switch between desktops and activate the multitasking view, but these aren't really good. There is also no holding SUPER to drag a window from anywhere, which is weird. Deepin Desktop comes with a LOT of apps and utilities. The file manager looks good, on the same level as Nautilus in terms of feature set. The web browser is a chromium derivative, based on an old chromium version. The terminal emulator is also simple, with tabs, a few visual options, keyboard shortcuts, but no profiles or customizable colors. Then you have a basic calendar app, and a good email client with integrations with a few chinese providers, as well as gmail or yahoo, but that works with generic IMAP. And then there's the Deepin App Store. It's a beautiful looking piece of software. It handles app updates but not system updates, which are located in the settings, and it lets you search through all apps you've installed, or want to install. On the Deepin distro, though, it's a mess. The App Store isn't well stocked at all, and most apps you'll find are outdated.

MacOS VS Deepin OS


Deepin Linux - Deepin OS V23 Alpha 2 is officially released!


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Deepin OS - Most Controversial Linux Distro


Deepin OS - Most Controversial Linux Distro Taking a look at a very controversial Linux distro, Deepin OS. Take a look and let me know what you think in the comments below. Download : 🤍 EBUZZ STORE: 👚👚👚 Ebuzz Central Store : 🤍 JOIN THIS CHANNEL TO GET ACCESS TO PERKS: 🤍 WANT TO SUPPORT THE CHANNEL? 👍🤑💰 Patreon: 🤍 WANT TO BUY ME A CUP OF COFFEE? 👍🤑💰 Buy Me A Cup Of Coffee: 🤍 WANT TO SUPPORT THE CHANNEL? 👍🤑💰 PayPal : holtdigitalmedia🤍 FIND ME ON SOCIAL: Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Linkedin: 🤍 MeWe: 🤍

Deepin OS V23 : Review | First Look | New Features | Beta (Unstable)


Deepin, the well-known Linux distribution recognized for its visually appealing interface and user-friendly design, has recently unveiled the development release of Deepin 23 beta. This release introduces a range of exciting new features and enhancements. Notably, it includes experimental support for the Wayland display server protocol, providing users with an alternative display system option. Additionally, the terminal has undergone an upgrade, offering improved functionalities for an enhanced user experience. Download : 🤍 #linux #deepin #debian #deepinos #beta #firstlook #beautiful #linuxdistro #deepinlinux

Deepin 23 (Beta) - It’s What’s Inside That Counts


Deepen continues the trend of providing an absolutely beautiful desktop interface with stunning built-in apps to complement the experience. But is this beauty just surface-deep, or does Deepen 23 have what it takes to challenge the big name distros? 0:00 It's beautiful! (and has nice features) 2:29 The App Store and ecosystem 3:41 "What's Linux" Deepin

UbuntuDDE 23.04 | Most Beautiful Linux Distro | Deepin Desktop | Deepin 23 | Best Linux distro 2023


#deepin #ubuntudde #ubuntu #linuxdistro Ubuntudde Remix 23.04 | ubuntudde review | Ubuntu 23.04 | Deepin Desktop may 2023 | New Linux distro | Most Beautiful Linux distro | best Linux distro 2023 | 🤍TechWorldDeb Chapters....... 00:00 Intro, Download & Install 02:57 The Live System 04:04 Deepin Application Launcher 05:04 Deepin Dock 05:50 Deepin Control Center 07:24 Awesome Themes, Icons !! 08:54 Customize the Dock 09:54 Wallpaper Manager 10:20 windows 11 like Tiling 11:28 Multitasking View 12:18 Deepin System Monitor 14:11 Deepin Appstore 15:35 Issue with the OS 16:00 Final words and Subscribe ! Join this channel to get access to perks: 🤍

deepin Linux - Deepin OS deepin V23 Beta is officially released!


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Deepin Linux 20.6 Full Review


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A First Look At deepin 20.9


In This Video We Are Looking At Debian-based version 20.9 has been announced, which includes the highly custom and intuitive HTML 5-based deepin desktop environment of the Debian-based Chinese user-friendly distribution deepin . ► Subscribe me here : 🤍 ► Follow me on Tumblr : 🤍 ► Follow me on Twitter : 🤍 ► Follow me on Pinterest : 🤍 Click Here to Watch More Entertainment : ► Linux Videos : 🤍 ► Buyer Guide Videos : 🤍 ► Raspberry pi Videos : 🤍 ► Review Videos : 🤍 ► Mozilla Videos : 🤍 ► Vpn Videos : 🤍 ► Ipad Videos : 🤍 ► Mac Os Videos : 🤍 ——Subscribe to stay up to date with the channel! —— Make sure to subscribe to the channel & select the 🔔bell push notifications (click the 🔔BELL icon next to the subscribe button) to be notified immediately when I release a new video. ✅ BE SURE TO LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, AND TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS!!! If you watched this video and scrolled to the bottom and are reading this I would love to hear from you. If you have any questions give me a shout on social media & I'll try and answer all the questions you might have. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time! It is stated that the main purpose of Deepin 20.9 version is to provide users with a version running a stable system. This release does not integrate new system functions, but is mainly focused on fixing and optimizing the stability issues found in version 20.8 to ensure system stability. System that comes with updated system photo album application and system drawing board application; The updated system software also includes a package management application. As the log collection tool is updated, the updated terminal application is available.It is stated that the problem of preventing access to files over WPS after setting WPS to allow access to certain file permissions has been fixed, while the problem of gear shapes when refreshing the network panel refresh button has also been fixed. It is said that the issue where the font color of the hotkey panel is inconsistent with the UI design image has been fixed. A desktop GNU/Linux distribution based on Debian and containing the Deepin Desktop Environment (DDE). The new version it released as a bug fix release includes Qt 5.15.8. :::::::::: The deepin distribution has been updated to version 20.9. This is largely a bug-fix release from the project that develops a desktop Linux distribution based on the latest stable Debian and featuring the Deepin Desktop Environment (DDE): "The core goal of deepin 20.9 is to provide users with a stable system. This version does not integrate new system functions, it mainly focuses on fixing and optimizing stability issues present in the 20.8 version, in order to ensure system stability. Additions and optimizations: upgraded Qt to version 5.15.8; optimization of the height of the window tube title bar from 40 pixels to 24 pixels; updated system log viewer application; updated system photo album application; updated system drawing board application; updated system software package management application; supported devices with a boot partition and undamaged terminals to automatically repair the root file system in case of damage during the boot process; updated log collection tool; updated software package installer; updated terminal application; optimized the high-performance mode/balance mode strategy. #deepin #deepinlinux #deepinos #debian #chinese Todays Video - deepin 20.9 announced!

Deepin Linux is AWESOME now? - macOS alternative


Deepin Linux has made a huge amount of improvements since the last time we took a look. Many of the complaints including; translation issues, weird multitasking UI, and more. 00:00 - Changes 01:10 - Installation and Setup 02:41 - Global Search and UI 05:28 - Settings 09:52 - App Store 11:55 - Taskbar 14:16 - System Apps 18:12 - Final Thoughts Download and Release Notes: 🤍 YOUTUBE MEMBER: 🤍 BECOME PATREON: 🤍 JOIN DISCORD: 🤍 FOLLOW ME: 🤍 INSTAGRAM: 🤍 My Workstation (PAID LINKS) RYZEN 7 3700X: 🤍 PRIME X570-P: 🤍 G.SKILL Trident Z Neo: 🤍 WD Blue SN550 1TB: 🤍 Seasonic FOCUS GX-650: 🤍

Deepin OS 20.9 review


Deepin OS Is A Clean and Productive Linux Build That Can Help Out People Who Need Simplicity. My Youtube discord: 🤍

Is Deepin Linux spying on you ? History and Spyware Controversy


I got a lot of questions about Deepin, and a lot of you seem to have security concerns. I thought I'd address them as best I could, from the available information on the internet. Let's take a look at Deepin's history, and try to find if it does, indeed, spy on you ! Deepin's history Deepin Linux is developed by a company called Wuhan Deepin Technology, which is based in China, in the city of Wuhan. The distro was created in 2004. At the time, it was knows as Hiweed Linux, which was the first debian-based localized Chinese distribution. It was driven by the community, and had no commercial backing. Seeing that the name was a bit weird for us westerners, they renamed the distro to Deepin in 2008. In 2011, Deepin was incorporated to further the development of the distro, and received funding almost immediately, in part from contracts with the Chinese government. Deepin joined the Linux foundation in 2015. From a technological standpoint, Deepin used a lot of different distributions as its base: first Morphix, for the initial 0.1 release in 2004, then Debian until february 2005, and then it migrated to Ubuntu until Deepin 2014.3, released in April 2015. Deepin the moved on to the unstable branch of Debian. It still uses this base as of tady, in its latest release, Deepin 15.8. Deepin Desktop Environment: Today, Deepin uses Deepin Desktop ENvironment, which it develops internally, but it hasn't always been the case. Deepin used iceWM for its first version, Hiwix 0.1, then moved to XFCE , LXDE, GNOME 2, and then GNOME 3. The Deepin DE only was made default in Linux Deepin 12.12, released in June 2013, and evolved from there, reaching version 3.0. Nowadays, Deepin DE is on par with the likes of GNOME in terms of features and stability, and is, arguably, one of the best looking desktop environments there is. Software and spyware Deepin comes from China, which means people will always have a certain preconceived notion about it. As per spying on you, Deepin did suffer from a controversy in mid 2018: the Deepin Store sent unencrypted requests to CNZZ, the Chinese equivalent to Google Analytics. These requests seemed to give away the users browser agent, since the Deepin Store is an app that renders a webpage, as well as some other informations. This controversy was quickly adressed by Deepin, which said that they did not collect personnal user data, only "harmless browser agents and browsing data". After some analysis, it appeared this tracking only did what regular old analytics do: collect width, heigt, browser agents, and other non-personnal data. They quickly removed that tracking from the Deepin Store. To be fair, this kind of tracking is pretty common in stores where you tend to sell some stuff, to try and make more money from it by tailoring it to how users browse said store. The problem here can be separated in three points : - FIrst, Deepin didn't disclose out of hand that their store did such requests. Had they adopted a similar approach to Ubuntu's data collection, they would still have faced some criticism, but al least people would have been informed that it was taking place. - Second, Deepin, after removing the incriminated data collection, still didn't disclose which data was collected, which lets something of a doubt lingering over the whole distro: if they didn't disclose it, then it was probably something bad. - Third, Deepin is produced by a Chinese company. This might just be paranoia, but the Chinese government is know for trying to censure, add backdoors, and spyware to its partners. Deepin did, at some point, have some government contracts, which means their products are probably subject to some government meddling. In the end, apart from looking at the whole source from the distro, which is available, and monitoring all outbound requests from the system, there is no easy way to know if Deepin really spies on you, or if it did in the past. Calling it spyware at this point, is premature: nothing has been proved yet, but these suspicions need to be taken into account when you decide to use that distro: Deepin might be innocent until proven guilty, but if the doubt is too much of a risk for you, it's probably preferable to use their desktop environment on an other distro, such as Arch or Manjaro, or even avoid it altogether. I, for one, won't bother too much about that. If you already have a Google, Facebook, or Microsoft account, chances are you are already giving away more of your data than what Deepin might collect. I hope this shed a bit of light on Deepin and the security controversy surrounding it. As of know, I would consider it mainly paranoia, but if you live in China, and you don't want to take any risks, I'd recommend against using this distro, just in case. No Copyright Motion Graphics Motion Graphics provided by 🤍 YouTube Channel: 🤍 Follow me on Twitter : 🤍

Instalo DEEPIN OS en mi PC y... ADIÓS WINDOWS 👋


Tutorial de como instalar Deepin OS V23, una versión de Linux nueva en 2023 que sirve para mejorar rendimiento de portátil y laptop antiguo Ali como tener un escritorio elegante en tu PC. Además de la review de Linux con mis impresiones sobre Linux Deepin OS V23. _ 🔥 MÁS CONTENIDO: Suscríbete - 🤍 Mi set up - 🤍 Nuestro blog - 🤍 _ 🌎 CONTACTO: Instagram - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 TikTok - 🤍 Correo - contacto🤍 _

ESSE É O DEEPIN DE 2022? - 20.4 Community Edition Review


✅ Seja membro do canal e aproveite e os benefícios: 🤍 Vamos juntos analisar a versão mais recente do Deepin 20.4 (Community Edition), um sistema operacional com base Linux da China, que tem vários elementos que encontramos em outros ambientes e sistemas, como GNOME, KDE, macOS, Windows, Android e iPad OS. O novo Deepin chega com um novo Browser (Deepin Browser com base Chromium), além de um conjunto completo de aplicações para o seu desktop enviroment. Testaremos o Deepin em benchmarks para produtividade e games, em relação a outras distros Linux, como Fedora e Arch Linux. Será que a sua base Debian vai segurar o desempenho da distro? 👑 Seja membro do canal: 🤍 📩 Receba novidades no seu Email: 🤍 🥇 Agradecimento especial a todos os nossos membros, em especial aos da categoria "Diolinux GO" por nos ajudarem a continuar criando conteúdo: ‣ Leonardo Thozo ‣ Jonathan ⭐ Conheça o nosso trabalho: 🤍 🎤 Nosso PodCast: 🤍 🎮 Nosso canal de Lives de games: 🤍 🛒 Nossa loja (na Lolja): 🤍 📬 Contato comercial: blogdiolinux🤍 #Deepin #Linux #Windows #macOS #KDE #iPadOS #OpenSource

A Rundown of the Latest Beta Release of Deepin 23 and if It's a Worthy Contender to Be Your Next OS


In This Video We Are Looking At The second beta snapshot of the upcoming deepin 23, a desktop Linux distribution featuring the Deepin Desktop Environment (DDE), is now ready for testing: "deepin 23 beta 2 officially released. Disclaimer :: Personally i Don't Like This Deepin Distro But If You Like It, I Don't Have Any problem. ► Subscribe me here : 🤍 ► Follow me on Tumblr : 🤍 ► Follow me on Twitter : 🤍 ► Follow me on Pinterest : 🤍 Click Here to Watch More Entertainment : ► Linux Videos : 🤍 ► Buyer Guide Videos : 🤍 ► Raspberry pi Videos : 🤍 ► Review Videos : 🤍 ► Mozilla Videos : 🤍 ► Vpn Videos : 🤍 ► Ipad Videos : 🤍 ► Mac Os Videos : 🤍 ——Subscribe to stay up to date with the channel! —— Make sure to subscribe to the channel & select the 🔔bell push notifications (click the 🔔BELL icon next to the subscribe button) to be notified immediately when I release a new video. ✅ BE SURE TO LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, AND TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS!!! If you watched this video and scrolled to the bottom and are reading this I would love to hear from you. If you have any questions give me a shout on social media & I'll try and answer all the questions you might have. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time! The existing problems of the previous versions were fixed, further optimized the functional experience, including the new kernel power endurance which was increased by 30%, the use of white-box solution to optimize the secret key ring pop-up window, officially integrated release mirrors. This makes deepin a more modern and efficient operating system and is better able to meet the needs and expectations of users. New features and improvements: Control Center, Network - provides default file name when exporting VPN configuration; redefined default avatar for new installations; integrated deepin ID module into Control Center; adjusted 'Account' to 'User' in managing system users in Control Center; optimized the style of mouse scroll speed display; supports password plain text display during login and unlock; optimized system scrollbar display logic, improving user perception of scrollable windows.... #deepin #deepinlinux #deepin23 #deepinlinux23 #chinese #chineselinux #debian #debian12 Todays Video - deepin 23 Beta 2!

Is Deepin OS Safe??


In this video we will explore a few of the places Deepin is sending your data. I hope everyone enjoys this video!!

Clean Installation of Deepin OS | Look like Windows and Mac OS


Welcome to our step-by-step guide on how to install the Deepin Operating System on your computer! In this video, we'll walk you through the entire process, from downloading the Deepin ISO image to creating a bootable USB drive. We'll show you how to set up a virtual machine and make the installation smooth and easy, even if you're new to the world of operating systems. Deepin OS is known for its sleek design and user-friendly interface. Whether you're looking to switch to a new OS or just want to give it a try, our tutorial will help you get started. We'll cover everything, from selecting your language and keyboard layout to creating user accounts and customizing display settings. #DeepinOS #OperatingSystem #Linux #InstallDeepin #TechTutorial #ComputerInstallation .................................................................................................. 👍🏻Installation of Operating System 🤍 🔔Subscribe for more: 🤍



Conviértete en miembro de este canal para disfrutar de ventajas: 🤍 ☕☕¿Me invitas a un café?☕☕ : 🤍 ☑️Este es mi equipo para grabar y editar mis vídeos. Iphone Xr: 🤍 Procesador AMD Ryzen 5 2600: 🤍 SSD Samsung Evo 850 120gb: 🤍 Disco Duro Western Digital: 🤍 Memoria ram HyperX DDR4: 🤍 Caja Cooler Master Silencio SIL 352: 🤍 Placa Base Asus Prime B450A: 🤍 Altavoces Edifier R1280t: 🤍 Monitor Lg 25" Ultrapanorámico: 🤍 Auriculares Jbl T450: 🤍 Teclado y ratón Logitech: 🤍

Deepin 23 está chegando e vai reinventar a roda com estilo!


✅ Faça o download gratuito da ferramenta de diagramas EdrawMax: 🤍 ✅ Encontre mais de 11 mil templates na comunidade: 🤍 Crie os seus diagramas com o EdrawMax, é uma ferramenta muito poderosa e completa para diagramar e pode servir para todos os projetos e propósitos. - Hoje vamos analisar o Deepin 23 preview e algumas das principais novidades planejadas pelos desenvolvedores para esta distro Linux chinesa. O Deepin planeja ter um repositório próprio upstream, além de trazer atualizações atômicas para seus usuários. Tudo isso deve chegar juntamente com um novo formato de empacotamento de software chamado "Linglong", claramente inspirado em formatos conhecidos no mundo Linux, como Flatpak e AppImage, mas combinando em um único formato as principais características de ambos. Na versão 23 do Linux Deepin, podemos ver também o trabalho de design da distro, com conceitos de UX/UI aplicados de forma quase perfeita. 👑 Seja membro do canal: 🤍 📩 Receba novidades no seu Email: 🤍 ⭐ Conheça o nosso trabalho: 🤍 🎤 Nosso PodCast: 🤍 🎮 Nosso canal de Lives de games: 🤍 🛒 Nossa loja (na Lolja): 🤍 📬 Contato comercial: blogdiolinux🤍 📎 𝗙𝗼𝗻𝘁𝗲𝘀 𝗲 𝗟𝗶𝗻𝗸𝘀: ‣ Atualizações atômicas no Fedora Silverblue: 🤍 ‣ Review do Deepin 20.4 (versão anterior): 🤍 ‣ Sobre o formato LingLong do Deepin: 🤍 #linux #software #opensource #debian #flatpak

Deepin Linux — китайский Windows 11 ▲ Обзор ШПИОНСКОГО ПО


Стань Linux админом тут: 🤍 = Telegram: 🤍 = "Спасти мир" и поддержать канал можно тутЬ: 🤍 = 🤍 - хакерское с AliExpress 🤍 - компьютерное барахло с Ali 🤍 - личный блог 🤍 - интересный софт ▲ 🤍 = #Deepin #Linux #China Deepin Linux — китайский Windows 11 ▲ Обзор ШПИОНСКОГО ПО

A First Look At deepin V23 Beige Beta (Unstable)


In This Video We Are Looking At Deepin 23 Beta(An experimental version, for non-production environments) is the second version of Deepin 23. :: Note - Personally I Hate or Don't Recommend This Deepin Linux To My Family, It's Clearly My opinion, And It's Upto You To Use This Deepin Linux Or Not. ► Subscribe me here : 🤍 ► Follow me on Tumblr : 🤍 ► Follow me on Twitter : 🤍 ► Follow me on Pinterest : 🤍 Click Here to Watch More Entertainment : ► Linux Videos : 🤍 ► Buyer Guide Videos : 🤍 ► Raspberry pi Videos : 🤍 ► Review Videos : 🤍 ► Mozilla Videos : 🤍 ► Vpn Videos : 🤍 ► Ipad Videos : 🤍 ► Mac Os Videos : 🤍 ——Subscribe to stay up to date with the channel! —— Make sure to subscribe to the channel & select the 🔔bell push notifications (click the 🔔BELL icon next to the subscribe button) to be notified immediately when I release a new video. ✅ BE SURE TO LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, AND TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS!!! If you watched this video and scrolled to the bottom and are reading this I would love to hear from you. If you have any questions give me a shout on social media & I'll try and answer all the questions you might have. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time! :::::::::::::: deepin 23 Beta The developers of deepin, a desktop Linux distribution featuring the Deepin Desktop Environment (DDE), have announced the availability of the beta release of deepin 23: "deepin 23 beta is one of the phased versions of version 23. It is an upgrade from the 23 alpha version, but it is not recommended for use in your production environment. As a system that focuses on user experience, deepin 23 beta introduces many new features, including DDE changes, terminal, cross-version upgrades and application compatibility improvements. These new features make deepin 23 beta a more modern and efficient operating system that can meet the users' needs and expectations. Based on the needs and opinions of community users of version 23 about other released versions, this beta release has added many new features in terms of functional experience, and has optimized the system and fixed a large number of known issues, further improving the user experience and creating the 'deepin you want'." Continue to the release announcement, available in Chinese and in English, for a detailed list of changes, improvements and bug fixes. :::::::::::::: Debian-based 23 Beta version has been announced , which includes the highly custom and intuitive HTML 5 based deepin desktop environment of the Debian-based Chinese user-friendly distribution deepin, the second alpha version of which was announced on 8 February 2023 . new version of deepin, promoted as China's top GNU/Linux distribution, dedicated to providing a beautiful, easy-to-use, safe and reliable operating system for global users; The first desktop operating system in China has been officially announced by the root community . While it is stated that this is an upgrade from the alpha version,It is reminded that it is a test version and should only be used for testing purposes, and testers are requested to report any errors they detect. As a system focused on user experience, Deepin 23 Beta release introduces many new features including DDE changes, terminal, cross-version upgrades and application compatibility. It is stated that these new features will make Deepin 23 Beta a more modern and efficient operating system that can better meet the needs and expectations of users. It is stated that this version is not the last stable version of some user feedback issues, it will continue to be fixed in the next versions. The new version, which is stated to have added support for hardware devices that allow Wi-Fi to be used as a hotspot,It has optimized the display of system plug-in content in the taskbar by minimizing the display of unnecessary plug-in icons. It is said that adjusting the animation display time for “Thunder God Mode” in the terminal is also supported. system, yIt is integrated with a brand new 6.1 kernel . #deepin #deepinlinux #deepinos #chineselinux #debian Todays Video - deepin 23 Beta announced!

Deepin 20.6 - Полный обзор. Самая красивая операционная система.


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deepin 20.9 | Regreso y mejor que nunca | REVIEW


Deepin es un sistema operativo de software libre y código abierto. Es una distribución de Linux basada en Debian. Se ejecuta en computadores personales, servidores y máquinas virtuales, en arquitecturas x86-64 y ARM 🤍 ● ᴢᴀᴛɪᴇʟ 💖◣ᴀᴘᴏʏᴀ ᴀʟ ᴄᴀɴᴀʟ ʀᴇᴀʟɪᴢᴀɴᴅᴏ ᴜɴᴀ ᴅᴏɴᴀᴄɪóɴ ᴇɴ ᴘᴀʏᴘᴀʟ◥ ➡ 🤍 💓ᴀᴍᴀᴢᴏɴ ᴡɪsʜ ʟɪsᴛ💓 ➡ 🤍 - ᴄᴏɴɴᴇᴄᴛ ᴡɪᴛʜ ᴍᴇ! - 🔽 ᴛᴡɪᴛᴄʜ: ➡ 🤍 🔽 ᴛᴡɪᴛᴛᴇʀ: ➡ 🤍 🔽 ɪɴsᴛᴀɢʀᴀᴍ:➡ 🤍 🌐 ɢɪᴛʜᴜʙ:➡ 🤍 🔽 Steam Wishlist Zatiel:➡ 🤍 Este tutorial se aplicará a computadoras, computadoras portátiles, computadoras de escritorio y tabletas que ejecutan el sistema operativo Windows 10 (Hogar, Profesional, Empresa, Educación) de todos los fabricantes de hardware compatibles, como Dell, HP, Acer, Asus, Toshiba, Lenovo y Samsung) This tutorial will apply for computers, laptops, desktops, and tablets running the Windows 11 operating system (Home, Professional, Enterprise, Education) from all supported hardware manufactures, like Dell, HP, Acer, Asus, Toshiba, Lenovo, Huawei and Samsung.

WOW! Cobain Linux Paling AESTHETIC Deepin OS 20.7 Dualboot Windows 11


Download Deepin OS : 🤍 Resume Video : 00:00 Intro 00:46 Tentang Deepin OS 02:52 Download Deepin OS 04:08 Buat Bootable Deepin OS 05:43 Alokasikan Partisi Untuk Deepin OS 06:37 Setting BIOS 07:31 Install Deepin OS 12:17 Welcome to Deepin OS 12:25 Overview Deepin OS 20.7 23:57 Yang Kami Tidak Sukai 25:06 Kesimpulan & DOA Cara Hapus DualBoot : 🤍 Semoga Bermanfaat Guys #levelupid #linux #Deepin #deepins #deepin

Deepin 20.2 | Обзор и финальное мнение о дистрибутиве


Мнение о 20 версии дистрибутива Deepin Linux, составленное на протяжении двух крупных его обновлений. #линукс #deepin Официальный сайт: 🤍 Страница загрузки: 🤍 ПОДДЕРЖАТЬ РАЗВИТИЕ КАНАЛА: 💵 Юmoney (Yandex Деньги): 410013059865924 💳 VISA: 4817 7603 2051 0542 💰 Bitcoin: bc1qv5gkgpr93thgtyp8mx0ln5p56eau40cylzkgwh 💸 Etherium: 0x5f45eF7c70cB85909eCcF36d030ff9D313Bf7D11 Я В СЕТИ: 📰 Мой блог: 🤍 📱 Канал в Telegram: 🤍 📁 GitHub: 🤍 📦 PPA для Ubuntu: 🤍 🎥 Канал от сообщества на Peertube: 🤍 ПРОГРАММЫ КОТОРЫМИ Я ПОЛЬЗУЮСЬ ПРИ СОЗДАНИИ ВИДЕО: 🌐 Firefox - 🤍 🎥 OBS Studio - 🤍 🎥 Simple Screen Recorder - 🤍 🎬 Kdenlive - 🤍 🎨 GIMP - 🤍 🎧 Audacity - 🤍 📄 LibreOffice - 🤍 🖥 VirtualBox - 🤍 🖥 QEMU - 🤍 Ваша поддержка крайне важна для меня! Спасибо!

Deepin Linux - Installation and Overview


Just about 3.5 years ago, we took at Deepin Linux and I said it was an "underrated Linux Distrobution". How does that hold up today? Is Deepin still underrated? In this video, we'll be taking a look at the modern Deepin Linux. Subscribe - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍

New Release: deepin V23 Beta 2 - Beautiful and User-Friendly Operating System - Review en Español


La segunda versión beta de deepin 23, una distribución Linux de escritorio con Deepin Desktop Environment (DDE), ya está lista para ser probada: "deepin 23 beta 2" lanzada oficialmente. Se han solucionado los problemas existentes de las versiones anteriores, se ha optimizado aún más la experiencia funcional, incluyendo la nueva resistencia de potencia del kernel que se ha incrementado en un 30%, el uso de la solución de caja blanca para optimizar la ventana emergente del llavero secreto, espejos de lanzamiento integrados oficialmente. Todo ello hace de Deepin un sistema operativo más moderno y eficaz, capaz de satisfacer mejor las necesidades y expectativas de los usuarios. Nuevas características y mejoras: Centro de Control, Red - proporciona un nombre de archivo predeterminado al exportar la configuración VPN; redefinido avatar predeterminado para nuevas instalaciones; integrado deepin ID módulo en el Centro de Control; ajustado 'Cuenta' a 'Usuario' en la gestión de usuarios del sistema en el Centro de Control; optimizado el estilo de visualización de la velocidad de desplazamiento del ratón; soporta la visualización de la contraseña en texto plano durante el inicio de sesión y desbloqueo; optimizada la lógica de visualización de la barra de desplazamiento del sistema, mejorando la percepción del usuario de ventanas desplazables...." Corrección: Las configuraciones inferiores mencionadas en el video pueden no ofrecer una experiencia óptima... Configuración de instalación recomendada: Procesador: multinúcleo a 2,0 GHz o superior Memoria: 8 GB o más de memoria física Disco duro: 64 GB o más de espacio disponible en el disco duro, se recomienda instalar en una unidad de estado sólido Monitor: se recomienda una resolución de pantalla de 1920*1080 o superior. 🤍 Nota: El Link de descarga de Google Drive es mas rápido que los demás.... Saludos, EurekaV

Um novo Deepin OS


O Deepin OS 20.9 tá muido diferente de quando eu usei pela última vez, as atualizações constantes que o sistema vem recebendo, tornam a experiência extraordinária. Se você está vindo do Windows e quer um ambiente bonito com um Mac OS porém seguro como o Linux, Deepin pode ser para você. Sem precisar digitar uma linha de comando, mais fácil do que "baba de quiabo" é o Deepin OS. Confira o vídeo e deixe seu comentário. 👊 Seja membro deste canal e ganhe benefícios: 🤍 🎓 Material gratuito de Linux e LPI 🤍 ⭐ Grupo no Telegram: 🤍 📬 Contato comercial: profjulianoramos🤍 📎 𝗙𝗼𝗻𝘁𝗲𝘀 𝗲 𝗟𝗶𝗻𝗸𝘀: - Download do GIMP, o programa que usei para editar: 🤍 - Kernel do Linux, Releases do Kernel: 🤍 - Kdenlive, Programa de edição de vídeos: 🤍 - Virtualbox, Virtualização de máquinas: 🤍 - ObsStudio, Programa de gravação: 🤍 🐧 O Linux é uma marca registrada por Linus Torvalds nos Estados Unidos e em alguns outros países.

Deepin OS Preview: How to Install Deepin OS on Windows 11 Dual Boot


Deepin OS Preview: How to Install Deepin OS on Windows 11 Dual Boot step by step process. Best linux distro with great UI in Deepin OS for any desktop or laptop. Hope you enjoy! #DeepinOS More - 🤍 Music Credit: Music: 🤍 Hope you loved this tutorials. If you have any feedback or suggestions please drop a comment to let us know. Thanks

Deepin Linux OS


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Deepin 20.6


Deepin (estilizado como deepin) es un sistema operativo de software libre y código abierto. Es una distribución de Linux basada en Debian. Se ejecuta en computadores personales, servidores y máquinas virtuales, en arquitecturas x86-64 y ARM (soporte limitado). Está orientado al usuario promedio, con un fuerte enfoque en la facilidad de uso y en mejorar la experiencia del usuario. Está compuesto de múltiple software normalmente distribuido bajo una licencia libre o de código abierto. Anteriormente se le conoció como Linux Deepin y Hiweed Linux. 🤍 Grupo de Telegram: 🤍 #deepin #dde #linux

OS - Deepin 20.9 (Chinese OS)


Today in OS (operating system) we gonna take our first look into this Chinese Operating System. It's user friendly graphical user interface and no option in dual booting. This OS is basically for new comer from Windows or Mac OS to Linux. And they made it so easy to use. If you install it into your unit. You have only option is to have solo OS to avoid confusion. No multiple booting in this one. It's beautiful and easy friendly graphical user interface. To download proceed to NOTE: Remember that it requires non-multiple boot option. Materials used in this video are been credited at the end credits of the video. Several segments are licensed under creative commons. 🤍 PNG ALL 🤍 PNGWing 🤍 Freepik 🤍 -Gadgets- 1. Camera Canon 700D (DSLR Camera EOS Kiss X7i) with 18-55mm Canon lens Samsung WB250F (Compac mirrorless) with 4-72mm Samsung lens RealMe C55 (RMX3710) Xiomi Redmi Note 12 RealMe 5s (RMX1925) Asus Zenfone Max Plus (X018D) Activeon CX Gold +plus Action Camera Generic Video Camera with night vision 2. Microphone Cande wired lavalier lapel mic Superadd wireless lapel mic (x2) Generic Shotgun microphone 3. Tripod / Stand 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Model H4 Yunteng 4.5 feet tripod Yunteng 5.5 feet tripod Generic small tripod (two pieces) 4. Laptop HP hp15 AMD A6 5200 4x 2.00 GHZ, AMD Radeon HD 12 gb RAM Multiple Boot Operating System: Big Linux OS, Edubuntu OS, Linux Mint Cinnamon, Linux Mint xfce and Linux Lite Lenovo Idealpad 3 (15" display) Intel i5 11th gen, 8x 2.4 GHZ, Iris Xe 12 gb RAM Dual Boot Operating System: Big Linux, Linux Mint Cinnamon, KDE neon plasma, Edubuntu & Windows 11 ACER Aspire 7 (display 15.6") AMD Ryzen 7 5700U x16 4 GHZ, Nvidia GTX 1650 with 16 gb RAM Single Boot Operating System: Big Linux Follow me at my social media networks. 🤍 🤍🤍rialbbetv 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍🤍rialbbe 🤍🤍eb-blair-surriga-penaranda-2643900/ And finally, you can me email at rialbbe_ph🤍 & rialbbetv🤍 Please don't be rude. If I have some mistakes along the way. It means, I am a human. Not perfect at all. Keep safe and remember that Science means knowing, because Science is cool. FREE AND OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE THAT I USE: 🌐 Brave Browser - 🤍 🌐 LibreWolf Browser - 🤍 📽️ Open Broadcaster Software: 🤍 🎬 Kdenlive: 🤍 🎨 GIMP: 🤍 🎨 Photopea: 🤍 🎨 Canva: 🤍 🎵 Audacity: 🤍 💻 VirtualBox: 🤍 💻 GNOME Boxes: 💻 OS Operating System: Pop OS Linux (base on Ubuntu Linux OS) Kumander Linux OS (Philippines) Big Linux OS (Brazil) 🤍 Elementary OS Linux 🤍 Trom Jaro Linux OS (trade-free OS) 🤍 Ubuntu Linux OS 🤍 Ubuntu Studio OS 🤍 Manjaro Linux OS 🤍 Linux Mint OS 🤍 Endeavour Linux OS

Deepin OS 20.9 Crazy Error (1080p)


yay im back!!!! i am truly sorry for those who is waiting 9 MONTHS just to watch my newest crazy error, it is because i have a lot of things to do than crazy errors like school, and also lazine- uh... enjoy! credit to 🤍fighter_suti7 for the audio! 🤍 Video/Visuals: Adobe Animate CC 2017 Audio: REAPER SWF To MP4: Swivel Screenshots: Spectacle (kde-spectacle) If you want to use this video in a battle, message HowToError#9908. (Friend-Req closed.) Please don't be an idiot and DO NOT steal any of my videos without any permission as the video itself takes a lot of work and patience.

LINUX Just Completely Changed!💥 New Version of Linux Better In Look & Feature Then Windows


Trying Deepin Operating System Another Linux Distro That Comes with One of the Most advanced looks and Features Of Any Other Linux Distro. Comes with Almost a New Look More Like Windows 11 or Windows 12 Deepin Operating system supports most of the known apps Formate Like Android with their Subsystem and for Windows apps, You can use Vine The operating system is Way More Powerful and Best if you move From Windows to Linux #linux #windows #os Video Timesteps 00:00 First Look - Most Advance Linux Verison 00:51 Download and Installation Process 02:22 Complete Linux New Version Tour (Look, Design, and Features) 07:35 Overview * Do Anything With Your Computer at Your Own Risk! Take backup Before Taking Major Actions! (We are just able to Help you From Our Tech Website(About page) in any wrong case) * Join Channel =🤍 (For Extra Benefits) 📶More Tech =🤍 🚀Shorts Channel-Quick Tech Updates =🤍 Connect With ME On Other Platforms 🔸InstaGram= 🤍 🔸FaceBookPage= 🤍 🔸DisCord= 🤍 🔸Twitter= 🤍 🔸LinkedIn= 🤍 🔸Threads= 🤍 🌐Check Adi 4 u Official Website For More Upcoming Information and Updates= Adi4u[dot]in 🌐 Facing Tech Problems? Visit adi4uforum[dot]com (Post Your question Today) ⚙Gears I Use; 🔺Android Device Vivo X60(8GB Ram) =🤍 🔺Computer Specs Main Unit Processor= 🤍 SMPS= 🤍 Cabinet= 🤍 Ram= 🤍 Storage NVME= 🤍 Hard Drive= 🤍 GPU= 🤍 Motherboard =b50M PG Sonic Monitor= 🤍 Workstation Cabinet (Without Power Supply)= 🤍 Ryzen 5 3600 = 🤍 Rtx 2060 super= 🤍 Rtx 3060ti =🤍 Aorus B450 Elite =🤍 550 Watt supply=🤍 RAM =🤍 Storage -120GB SSD=🤍 -Hard Drive 1TB=🤍 Keyboard Mouse= 🤍 Webcam= 🤍 🔺2nd Workstation Ryzen 3 3200G= 🤍 Motherboard= 🤍 Ram= 🤍 🔺Other Computers are Experiment or server Bases 🔺Video Gears Tripod=🤍 -🤍 -🤍 Microphone=🤍 PC Mic=🤍 🔺Laptop 🤍 Chromebook - 🤍 🎥Camera I am using For Recording -Canon 200D Mark ii =🤍 -Lens 1 18-55 MM -Lens 2 50MM F/1.8 = 🤍 For Screen Recording - OBS Studio ❕ Software I Use ; 🎬Currently Using Adobe Premiere Pro For Video Editing! For Making Thumbnails - Adobe Photoshop (All Videos & thumbnails are Develop By me) Purchase Your Goods From Amazon Shop[All my products includes] [Ad Link] =🤍 NOTE: All content used is copyrighted to Adi 4 u, Use or commercial display or editing of the content without proper authorization is not allowed... Thanks For supporting #Adi4u

11 Most Beautiful Linux Distribution in 2022


11 Most Beautiful Linux Distribution in 2022 SUBSCRIBE now for more: 🤍 SUPPORT linuxscoop on Patreon! 🤍 [ 00:48 ] - 01 - Deepin OS [ 02:01 ] - 02 - Elementary OS [ 03:34 ] - 03 - Zorin OS [ 05:02 ] - 04 - Cute Fish OS [ 06:45 ] - 05 - Linux Mint Cinnamon Edition [ 08:23 ] - 06 - Ubuntu Kylin [ 09:58 ] - 07 - Garuda Linux OS [ 10:58 ] - 08 - Solus OS Budgie Desktop Edition [ 12:05 ] - 09 - Pop OS [ 13:24 ] - 10 - Manjaro KDE Edition [ 14:38 ] - 11 - Nitrux OS STAY connected to our Social Media: Telegram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Tumblr: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Pinterest: 🤍 📩 Business inquiry: linuxscoops🤍

🔥 TOP 15 Things You MUST DO After Installing Deepin Linux 20.3


In this video, I'll show you 15 things that you must do after installing Deepin Linux 20.3. Deepin focuses on a user-friendly experience with beautiful design making it easy to install. A great replacement for Windows and Macos. Formerly known as Hiweed Linux, deepin can be dated back to 2004. Enjoy the video! ⏰Timestamps⏰ 00:00 Intro 00:42 #01 Update Deepin 20.3 01:21 #02 Install Multimedia Codecs 02:02 #03 Change Mirror 03:22 #04 Change Default Search Engine 04:18 #05 Install Synaptic Package Manager 05:43 #06 Install Firewall 07:28 #07 Install Python 08:10 #08 Install JAVA 08:57 #09 Speed Up Boot Time 09:44 #10 Set Kill Application Shortcut 11:36 #11 Install Timeshift 12:23 #12 Install HTOP 13:26 #13 Install TLP 14:18 #14 Set Default Applications 15:16 #15 Install GIMP 15:54 Bonus 16:24 Outro ⬇ Download Deepin 20.3 ⬇ 🤍 💻 To get more of our best content on IT careers and IT certifications, go to: 🤍 Be sure to leave any questions or comments below! See More Videos and Subscribe: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍

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