Harvestella | All Final Bosses + Bad & True Endings (Gameplay Movie) [SWITCH]



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Video and descrption contain major spoilers! All final bosses, endings and the complete True Ending. Timestamps in the video description. To make the video shorter, I did not add the Bad Ending Credits (same credits just different music). - - - TIMESTAMPS - - - ~ Finale ~ Chapter 9: What falls from the Heavens 00:00 [BOSS] The Harbinger 10:48 Save Her 25:37 The Choice 29:56 Ending 1: Fantine (Bad) 31:34 Ending 2: Double Helix (Bad) 33:07 Ending 3: Refuse (True Ending path) ~ True Ending Path unlocked ~ Epilogue: The Story of Your World 39:45 The Proto-Seaslight 53:16 Finding a Solution 1:15:52 Into the Seaslight 1:20:08 Project Gaia 1:24:03 [BOSS] Gaia Defense System 1:33:23 Impending Doom 1:38:47 [FINAL BOSS] Dream of Man's End 1:49:35 Determination 1:58:24 [FINAL BOSS] Gaia (Origin) 2:02:54 True Ending 2:24:50 Credits - - - GAME INFO / OPINION - - - Harvestella is a visual novel RPG with combat and farming elements. Dialogues are not voiced, only battle quotes are. You can 100% the game in one playthrough. The game is locked into one difficulty. I completed this game on the Switch. It is also available for PC (Steam). This game's content is rather limited for it's release price. I suggest to only get it on sale or for half the price. I also recommend to get it on PC only, it's poorly optimized on the Switch. The Soundtrack is really worth checking out, whether you like the game or not. ► Twitch: 🤍🤍twitch.tv/solvari Harvestella All Endings Final Bosses #Harvestella #Ending #FinalBoss #Boss #VisualNovel #TrueEnding #Endings

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Harvestella | All Final Bosses + Bad & True Endings (Gameplay Movie) [SWITCH]
Harvestella | All Final Bosses + Bad & True Endings (Gameplay Movie) [SWITCH]
Harvestella | All Final Bosses + Bad & True Endings (Gameplay Movie) [SWITCH]
Harvestella | All Final Bosses + Bad & True Endings (Gameplay Movie) [SWITCH]
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Sermet Deniz
2023-01-18 00:59:03

Harvestella 2 bestes spiel

Autumn Mayfield
2022-12-28 20:23:09

Can you make a play list of this game full walkthrough

Death by Konami
2022-12-06 06:08:05

What started as a Rune Factory/ Harvest Moon clone ends with a boss fight against an eldritch abomination representing mankind's wishes for death.

Wiegs Wyv
2022-11-30 15:05:09

Did she really pull a "If you didn't sacrifice anyone and saved the world by ending the quietus, it's only because i made you that way" and stole our moment of glory at the end ? This planet is a cosmic hoe

Blade Corps Live
2022-11-28 05:25:14

I absolutely refused to make a choice, but when Geist makes you choose, it was Mass Effect Ashely or Kaidan all over again. I looked up if I had made a wrong choice but no, if you keep refusing Geist MAKES you choose, but you can just refuse it again.

2022-11-25 03:17:26

Thanks for this, I wondered what I missed out on!

2022-11-21 04:01:10

I thought Re-Gaia said that if I listened to her story I would not be able to go back on my world so I asked her not to tell me and she said she respected my decision. Then it played out the rest of the ending. I'm not sure what was the point of that if it doesn't matter.

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