Growing a chemical snake that looks like a turd



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This is a new type of video style that we have decided to try. It is a lot more casual and it involves my brother and our friend (the camera guy). In this one, we burned calcium gluconate pills to make a weird snake thing, and it was something that I wanted to do for a while. Waste/safety info: 🤍 Nile talks about lab safety (Chemistry is Dangerous): 🤍 - NileRed Beaker mugs: 🤍 - ■ NileRed: 🤍🤍

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Growing a chemical snake that looks like a turd
Growing a chemical snake that looks like a turd
Growing a chemical snake that looks like a turd
Growing a chemical snake that looks like a turd
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2023-11-18 16:23:41

bruh it cost 5$ for some cheap version of there things which are meant to burn as an firecracker

2023-11-12 14:38:13

need to add an Oxidizing agent

2023-11-07 16:29:57

This reminds me of little firework things we have over here. They're like little palets of magnesium that when you light them on fire, they flash really bright white light. They're very small tho (like pill size) but would love to see a huge version of those just you do in the video.

2023-11-03 10:21:49

If you do something like this again you should try adding a more flamable material like thise self igniting hookah coals,

2023-11-01 19:42:18

The version with sugar and baking soda is apparently one of the most air-quality-damaging small fireworks because it tends to spew particulate matter. That clap was, uh, probably not the best idea.

2023-10-30 09:13:00

WO126sPq_8I&t=5m02s 5:02 Nigel: don't look what I'm doing (looking for help)

WO126sPq_8I&t=5m04s 5:04 Nigel: With no help, at all I figured it out.

2023-10-28 06:29:21


2023-10-21 10:25:43

Porous puffy snake thing hahaha he’s the best 😂

2023-10-13 13:17:42

I'm sometimes wandering if Nileblue and Nilered are the same person

2023-10-13 02:45:27

"my turd that looks like a chemical snake" - me after Chinese food

2023-10-09 18:57:54

NileRed: is very professional at chemestry
NileBlue: is chaotic and screws around in the lab

NileGreen: C A F F E N E

2023-10-08 09:52:33

Fammi scomparire che risparmio

2023-10-08 09:50:07

Mi servono i soldi per l Italia 19 mld di euro al giorno mi chiamo Biagio di balsamo e fratelli Biagio di balsamo sono prestigiato con la giocoleria

2023-09-28 01:06:43

Dont forget to feed the chemical snake. ALL HAIL THE CHEMISTRY SNAKE

2023-09-25 01:47:51

You are a top 3 canadian channel for sure. Awesome content

2023-09-05 12:47:27

if you collab with a hydraulic press channel you might be able to press the powder into a massive tablet

2023-08-24 08:56:17

Do you think it would be worse than a soldering iron burn? As in a burn from a soldering iron. WO126sPq_8I&t=3m16s 3:16 WO126sPq_8I&t=3m17s 3:17 WO126sPq_8I&t=3m15s 3:15 WO126sPq_8I&t=3m16s 3:16 WO126sPq_8I&t=3m14s 3:14 WO126sPq_8I&t=3m16s 3:16 WO126sPq_8I&t=3m13s 3:13 WO126sPq_8I&t=3m15s 3:15

2023-08-20 16:27:15

WO126sPq_8I&t=2m26s 2:26 thats what she said LMFAOOO

2023-08-20 04:27:27

WO126sPq_8I&t=2m46s 2:46 🤨🤣

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