Fisker Ocean Owner Reveals 5 Things He Loves & 5 Things He Hates

The Electric Viking

The Electric Viking

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Fisker Ocean Owner Reveals 5 Things He Loves & 5 Things He Hates
Fisker Ocean Owner Reveals 5 Things He Loves & 5 Things He Hates
Fisker Ocean Owner Reveals 5 Things He Loves & 5 Things He Hates
Fisker Ocean Owner Reveals 5 Things He Loves & 5 Things He Hates
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2023-09-09 14:41:40

Personally I think the battery is too big and who needs 550 hp for normal daily driving. You’re just paying to haul around a big silly battery you probably won’t need for most journeys.

I do disagree with the Viking on the model lineup though. The pick up market is massive in some countries and there’s a massive hole in the market for a car like the pear, ie mass market, smaller, cheaper electric car. When it goes on sale it’ll have maybe one or two competitors but its distinctive and VW have a lot of work to rebuild their electric car rep.

As for the sports car; every brand needs a halo car. If anything, it’s great for marketing.

Richard Bohme
2023-09-08 02:20:05

I have one coming soon and I agree. I own 2 Teslas and am looking for something different. I think Fisker will do well.

Martin McNulty
2023-09-06 14:54:57

Absolutely love the Fisker Ocean it is a stunning car. Sam deep down you seem to be a fan. Shows great taste on your part.

David Constantine
2023-08-29 09:42:40

I think Fisker idea to sell this super expensive Ronin is brilliant - new startups have problems to scale so starting from premium batches sounds great idea as short term money source

2023-08-29 03:53:14

Not surprised to see a negative review of a non-Tesla brand. Actual drive tests on this car have been overwhelmingly positive. And the prior Fisker company is not related to this Fisker company. At least buying a Fisker avoids supporting Musk and his lunacy.

Mobile Device
2023-08-27 20:08:27

The Alaska is definitely necessary and will sell like fresh bread. The current EV trucks are massive, and can hardly fit in most garages.

Not sure about the Pear or that offroad Ocean, we could do without those.

The Ronin seems cool and we know millennials are the richest generation in history due to the massive inheritance.

Offering 6 seats and off-road package for the Alaska makes sense. The Pear can come at a much later date, perhaps 5 years in.

Hopefully their engineers can make room for a frunk in the Alaska. All ev Pickups need a fully functional frunk. Also, having a 6 seat option would make the Alaska attractive for construction sites.

2023-08-27 05:22:40

I love your videos, but they are so predictable: If it’s not a Tesla or BYD, it’s no good. It’s almost like you’re paid by these tw.

Gentlemen ́s World - Adventures with the Fisker
2023-08-25 08:06:17

Nice video - welll done!

Wendi Londner
2023-08-18 03:31:35

You’re quoting history from 10 years ago? Really? Technology changes daily….get with the times!

2023-08-16 20:48:40

Sounds like several of the downsides can be resolved with tweaking the software, so that's a plus.

2023-08-16 03:09:10

Just wondering why you as an Aussie always using miles for range? Gonna please the Yanks 🤣 ?

Tuomas Holo
2023-08-16 00:38:00

I’d buy one right now if it was for sale.

2023-08-15 15:42:22

Fisker should do a reverse Tesla in its future planning, build affordable cars first (with more modular easily replaceable parts) and then go up to luxury & performance cars.
At the very least is will start a price war and reduce EV prices for everyone

Rick Scinta
2023-08-15 13:10:18

So after listening, most of this is all updateable via software. As long as the car is solid and quiet, the rest can only get better. The fact that Magna is their partner, I think it takes away quite a bit of the risk of any other start ups.

More Superior Than Coal
2023-08-14 11:41:29

So yeah you make a point of detailing that the guy drove at 200 km per hour on the Autobahn... AND?... SO?... What kind of range did he get at that speed? What percentage of the 600 km range did he use up driving 200 km per hour? OH... NOTHING crickets crickets. Was that like a joke or something?

Khalil Shahyd
2023-08-12 12:00:10

He's introducing different models to try to attract more investment

2023-08-12 09:43:29

They are seriously hot looking cars ❤

Justin dmclasson
2023-08-12 02:25:07

All of these issues will be addressed with updates.

2023-08-11 19:43:47

Who is this you are always talking about? Link would be fantastic.

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