EXPLODING Glitter Bomb 4.0 vs. Package Thieves

Mark Rober

Mark Rober

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Merry Christmas ya filthy animals. If you want to learn the design fundamentals it takes to make something like the Glitter Bomb, enroll in my Creative Engineering course at 🤍Monthly.com/MarkRober and I'll see you in class! I started a company called CrunchLabs where we build a toy together and then I teach you all the juicy physics for how it works. So if you want to learn to think like an engineer and have really fun time doing it, check out the current promotion where you get 2 FREE boxes at 🤍crunchlabs.com You should also go subscribe to the CrunchLabs YouTube channel cause we’ve got some bangers in the pipeline- 🤍🤍youtube.com/crunchlabs Thanks to these folks for providing some of the music in the video: Ponder - 🤍youtube.com/🤍Pondermusic Laura Shigihara - 🤍supershigi Andrew Applepie - 🤍soundcloud.com/andrewapplepie Blue Wednesday - 🤍soundcloud.com/bluewednesday Get the new Glitterbomb 4.0 tshirt here- 🤍markrober.store/products/glitterbomb-4-0-pop-art-graphic-tee A big shout out to Protolabs for the quick-turn machined parts. If you need some dope parts made fast, check out more about digital manufacturing right here: 🤍tinyurl.com/y6tunxv8 Behinds the scenes look at how we filmed the parody Apple commercial bit using the SISU Robotic Arm at Bubba's LA- 🤍🤍youtube.com/watch?v=ZIdh7hxz1G8 The dog feeder kickstarter project made in my class is called Houndsy :) 🤍🤍kickstarter.com/projects/houndsy/houndsy-kibble-dispenser License for Phat Gus stealing the package provided by- 🤍youtube.com/c/onscenetv Why are some faces blurred but not others? I default to blurring all faces (assuming it’s clear enough you can tell who they are) unless we have permission to not blur. More about my Creative Engineering class: This class is a hands-on, 30-day learning experience that will teach you how to use engineering and science to bring your creative ideas to life. During this class, I'm going to share with you my entire creative engineering process from start to finish. You're going to follow along with me as I fully design and engineer 3 brand new builds from scratch... from how I come up the idea, all the way through bringing the final builds to life. The best part is, over the month, you'll follow along with me and my process, side by side, and you will leave the class with 3 original, creative builds of your own. This is the class I wish I had when I was starting out. It's designed to take your skills to make cool stuff to the next level, whether you're a beginner or a more experienced maker/engineer. The class officially starts in early Jan, and it will only run a few times per year, so claim your spot if you're interested! See you in class! Love, Mark NANLUX's lights were instrumental for filming with the robotic arm: 🤍🤍youtube.com/channel/UCPlMuo9pHqmpjV0_aO9Xa5A Thanks to 🤍adesign.com/ for providing the lid stop plungers

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EXPLODING Glitter Bomb 4.0 vs. Package Thieves
EXPLODING Glitter Bomb 4.0 vs. Package Thieves
EXPLODING Glitter Bomb 4.0 vs. Package Thieves
EXPLODING Glitter Bomb 4.0 vs. Package Thieves
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2023-12-08 09:16:16

Do you call the police after all? Someone tell me

2023-12-08 05:50:32

if delivery people would just ring the door bell or knock to let the homeowner know a package was outside many robbery's would disappear.

2023-12-07 23:34:55

You have excellent showmanship, my friend. The "commercial" had me in stitches!
Well done!

2023-12-07 20:49:35

w vid

2023-12-07 15:10:15

Just loved your mechandising!! ☺😊

2023-12-07 00:14:22

looking forward to this years edition

2023-12-06 23:26:20

I'm sorry if I saw my nextdoor neighbors planter box swallow their package I would be so confused

2023-12-06 23:23:15

Почему еë нельзя продавать?

2023-12-06 17:23:39

На 20% больше пердящиво спрея😂😂

2023-12-06 06:54:41

Какая гениальная рекламаааа😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 ору

2023-12-05 19:04:15

Почему речь на русском языке? Изобретение ютуба или сами перевели?

2023-12-05 14:43:32

How can I get this !?

2023-12-04 21:23:56

чувак походу много задниц перенюхал)))

2023-12-04 18:42:23

Марк спасибо Вам большое за все, что Вы делаете! А также огромная благодарность переводчикам вашего контента на русский язык! Ребята, ВЫ супер!

2023-12-04 10:58:49

клюва клас

2023-12-04 05:42:00

нужно вместо блёсток поставить краску и при отсусвии детей разбрызгивать несмывающуся краску.. после этого воры перестануть брать чужое

2023-12-04 03:50:29

It's insane that people are too lazy to move the box twice a day

2023-12-03 21:04:19

Notice how all the thieves are fat and ugly. Speaks volumes

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