Don't Make This MISTAKE in the Division 2 with the NEW EXOTIC AR "St. Elmo's Engine" Do this First!

NothingButSkillz 2.0

NothingButSkillz 2.0

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Don't Make This MISTAKE in the Division 2 with the NEW EXOTIC AR
Don't Make This MISTAKE in the Division 2 with the NEW EXOTIC AR
Don't Make This MISTAKE in the Division 2 with the NEW EXOTIC AR
Don't Make This MISTAKE in the Division 2 with the NEW EXOTIC AR
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2023-10-26 02:13:42

If you didn’t get it last season you can buy countdown exotic catch nd get it

2023-10-16 21:31:47

How to get it its impossible i missed the season 5 😢😢😢 i never gonna get the new ar exotic

2023-10-05 19:58:10

This the only exotic that rolls a random attribute?

Pirate Tobin
2023-09-19 06:42:14

Only been playing TD2 for about 2 weeks. Your build videos have been extremely helpful. My BP just cracked 70 tonight, but I actually ended up pulling a St Elmo's from a Countdown run. I didn't realize it was even in the loot pool until by buddy got like 4 of them in one night. He also hasn't hit 90 in the battlepass yet. I would say we got lucky, but I still can't get a Memento to drop.

Demons Soul
2023-08-24 14:04:18

Good video, just a little side note, you might wanna try avoid calling attributes "talents", as it can be quite confusing for newer players since the weapons actually have something entirely different than what an Attribute is, that is an actual talent.

2023-08-21 10:27:59

Can you get the St Elmos Fire on two characters?

Gerard Geisler
2023-08-13 09:59:01

you are again very helpful thank you ...@nothingbutskillz

Willonne Lee
2023-07-27 23:11:49

I can't seem to craft mines. I have all the necessary resources however the craft option is greyed out. The only thing I belive may be the issue is that both the rifle and the blueprint were obtained on another character 🤷‍♂️

Zane Z. Campbell
2023-07-07 08:43:24

At this Point I don’t even want to play anymore by doing this I accidentally dismantled it 😞😞 just when I had all the parts to the build and now it’s gone 😞😞

King Nothing
2023-07-04 01:02:37

Personally I use crit hit damage for the third slot

Josh Losey
2023-07-02 19:25:53

Im a newb yet so my question is why damage to targets out of cover instead of damage to armor? This thing rips through basic npc’s with no armor as is so wouldn’t damage to armor be a better option since most npc’s in higher content are armored?

Tacticool Rogue
2023-06-30 22:28:20

I spent 32 exotic components and never got damage out fo cover the best I could get critical hit chance just gave up on that

Free Agent 4 Life
2023-06-28 09:24:19

I got a God rolled with critical hit damage and it's so good. Three strikers, coyote mask and fennis obliterate chest piece. I am melting them.

Car Driver
2023-06-25 09:06:08

12 % accuracy is beter then dgm out of cover

Brian Kelly
2023-06-24 20:46:35

I accidentally deleted mine😢

2023-06-24 16:30:18

i got crit chance rolled on mine right off the bat is that good or should i re-roll it

2023-06-23 05:21:36

Definitely made the mistake to re-roll trying to get a lucky Max out when I first got it. I had no clue the talents switched. It took me forever to get my dmg out of cover back🤦🏿‍♂️

David Clixby
2023-06-21 21:51:23

I didn’t think I would give up my Scorpio shotty but I have for this. Put on damage to armour and it shreds. Fully rolled. 92k base damage but hitting 150k and 250k regular. Maybe it’s using the memento backpack giving me high damage but I love this gun. I don’t even have any special build for it as I don’t need to. You can even get over 150 shock rounds if you reload at 30 to 40 left in the mag.

Mike Burford
2023-06-19 11:48:57

Even worse, don’t make the mistake of trying to re-roll, get a bad roll and then deconstruct the St Elmos!! 😳
I almost cried.

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