Chemistry is dangerous.



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This is a video that I've been wanting to do for a while and I did my best to cover some of the fundamentals of safety. However, there are still plenty of things that I couldn't include and this will not at all prepare anyone to jump into practical chemistry. References • Glove compatibility: 🤍 • Incompatible chemicals: 🤍 • Important safety glasses info: 🤍 • Info about working alone: 🤍 • Chemical storage info: 1) 🤍 2) 🤍 • News stories: 1) 🤍 2) 🤍 3) 🤍

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Chemistry is dangerous.
Chemistry is dangerous.
Chemistry is dangerous.
Chemistry is dangerous.
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2023-12-07 10:43:04

Ah that water to acid one reminds me of my middle school chemistry teacher who taught a saying to remind us that I still remember well, and have remembered when dealing with diluting other strong stuff in day-to-day life. (yes, the weaker chemical won't boil violently, but there's still a chance that it splashes and its good to do things the right way always) Sadly doesn't rhyme at all when translated but it goes "Ensin vesi sitten happo, muuten tulee käteen rakko."
"First water then acid, otherwise hand gets a blister."

Also the no eating rule was heavily enforced since our school did allow snacks, definitely not in the chemistry classrooms.
(although, we did once make salmiac/ammonium chloride and were allowed to taste it, although, only few did)

2023-12-05 18:51:45

My dad was a machinist and one day a piece of metal snapped and hit his safety glasses. Had he not had them on that piece of metal would have blinded him.

2023-11-29 21:58:26

This video makes me think about my chemistry lab course at highschool, in which they dedicated a lesson to safety precautions and then carelessly forgot to give us the protections afterwards. We worked with all kind of chemicals like acids ad basics without goggles or gloves, the tap was facing down like a regular one and no teacher ever seemed to care. Obviously we were teenagers and we trusted our teachers, but If think about that now I have goosebumps

2023-11-29 21:24:54

Noooo, chemestry is dangerous 😂?? I thought you could eat it tbh.

I personally never feared it because the people doing chemestry on highly dangerous levels were either incredibly smart people with a clean criminal record (for the most part - - > Youtubers) and/or were not near me and therefor i luckly never experienced anything horrible with it. The only time i got close to death was when i build a custom fire Cracker laced with Napalm and it almost killed me by throwing a piece of itself that was still burning up towards me, making me stop using things like Napalm, semtex, etc.

2023-11-26 14:16:19

I kinda wanna get into chemistry but i dont even know how to solve chemistry math problems lol

2023-11-24 05:12:21

I have a Chem class, and our teacher will just not get a foot inside the lab without the proper equipment, even if it's something small that could look insignificant. Safety always comes first

2023-11-23 22:11:49

Chemistry is not dangerous. Boxing is dangerous - even if you do it right you can still end up with brain damage. If you do Chemistry right it's not dangerous at all - it has the potential to be dangerous if done wrong, but that's an entirely different thing.

2023-11-22 12:06:07

If PPE had a pH value, it would be 14, basic

2023-11-18 18:13:12

This video was still better than any sort of science safety training we did in school, I think because it includes real-life examples of what can go wrong in a lab and thereby demonstrating why XYZ precaution is necessary. E.g. high school chem teachers would say "Always wear safety goggles in the lab to protect your eyes", and then you don't take it seriously because you don't know of all the ways substances can splash up into them or what the chemicals can actually do.

2023-11-15 19:04:58

chinese chemistress!! whatch this

2023-11-12 02:35:04

Nice try, but you're still on all the lists, brother.

2023-11-11 23:13:03

Chemistry can be dangerous, with correct measures you can reduce the risk massively, the risk is very low, Chemistry is only dangerous if you make it that way. We shouldn't be afraid of chemistry but we should respect it.

2023-11-10 07:05:27

ftACSEJ6DZA&t=16m57s 16:57 said the person who made thioacetone and released it near a neighborhood & involved a friend in it

2023-11-09 21:44:09

I really appreciate this. I've always been really safety conscious and seeing channels like Backyard Scientist that entirely disregard safety make me so upset!

2023-11-07 19:32:12

I wonder if nile wears stripper pants so he can remove them quickly and easily if acid spills on them.

2023-11-07 04:19:25

Hey Nigel. Awesome video. Thank you for making us all safer. Also, during the video you said in theory and by accident you activated my Siri to my iPad. :)

2023-11-06 20:34:06

I saw : Acetone + Hydrogen Peroxide = bad and I thought "Oh, I didn't know that. Now I won't mix them." ... and immediately after that "but what happens when you mix them". If I'm not back to tell what happned, then it probably went terribly wrong.

2023-11-05 10:25:11

I do think with the buttons, it should be fine, cause you might be able to rip the buttons off if you are stron enough

2023-11-04 20:52:35

As a chemist myself, yes, yes it is dangerous. Over a career or 7 years, it's amazing how many times glass breaks or something overflows unexpectedly even after 100 years of knowledge from the test developers. Also, every once in a while, a chemist will have a brain fart or be overexhausted.

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