Bukayo Saka signs with Arsenal until 2027

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► Subscribe to Sky Sports News: 🤍bit.ly/SkySportsNewsSub Arsenal's Bukayo Saka has committed to a fresh long-term contract. The winger's new agreement spans four years, extending until the summer of 2027. Previously, Saka's contract was set to expire at the end of the upcoming season, making this new deal a significant boost for both Arsenal and manager Mikel Arteta. #skysportsnews #SkySports #arsenal ► For the latest developments on this story: 🤍qrcode.skysports.com/skysports/topstories More from Sky Sports on YouTube: ► Sky Sports Retro: 🤍bit.ly/SkySportsRetroSub ► Sky Sports: 🤍bit.ly/SkySportsSub ► Sky Sports Football: 🤍bit.ly/SSFootballSub ► Sky Sports Boxing: 🤍bit.ly/SSBoxingSub ► Sky Sports F1: 🤍bit.ly/SubscribeSkyF1 ► Sky Sports Cricket: 🤍bit.ly/SubscribeSkyCricket ► Sky Sports Golf: 🤍bit.ly/SubscribeSkySportsGolf ► To enquire about licensing Sky Sports News content, you can find out more here: 🤍🤍skysports.com/more-sports/news/31754/11434270/license-sky-sports-footage

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Bukayo Saka signs with Arsenal until 2027
Bukayo Saka signs with Arsenal until 2027
Bukayo Saka signs with Arsenal until 2027
Bukayo Saka signs with Arsenal until 2027
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2023-05-29 18:37:31

Saka signing a new contract is really a no brainer. Arsenal is his lifelong club and they’re now title contenders and back in the champions league so why not stay. And when this new contract runs out, he’ll still only be 25 or 26 right in the middle of his prime so he could still join a giant club like Real Madrid or something if he wanted to.

2023-05-24 19:46:59

Signed for only 4 years so in 2 or 3 years Arsenal will have to sell when Saka declines to renew. At the time when City will be looking for Mahrez replacement. Arsenal are City's best feeders!

The Truth
2023-05-24 13:48:26

England`s big bottler, chooses to resign with the greatest bottlejob team in PL history. No shock there

2023-05-24 08:03:20

Watch the performances massively drop now next season

2023-05-24 07:31:47

So overrated

CalebKoyo TV
2023-05-24 07:05:27

Hey Sky, call him STARBOY

2023-05-24 02:01:58

PSG gave Marquinhos, 29 a new contract until 2028. That club is a joke.

Alex Haynes
2023-05-23 23:17:14

Yes Saka ❤😂🎉😢😮😅

2023-05-23 22:09:32

Poor lad. Guaranteed no trophies for another 4 years then 🤣

2023-05-23 21:53:51

"Retaining our best yong talent is key to our continued progress"........ok, what about Smith Rowe then🤔, he scored 10 and assisted 2 last season.....

John Cassidy
2023-05-23 21:42:19

people forget Saka is still only 21

Cosmic Wanderer
2023-05-23 20:12:04

Aubameyang all over again.

No GAS ⛽️
2023-05-23 19:59:54

Mr missing in big games

2023-05-23 19:57:42

And that will be his biggest regret. Arsenal aren't winning anything

Spartan 101
2023-05-23 18:49:04

Im more bothered about Saliba

2023-05-23 18:47:55

If I am Martinelli or Odegaard or Saliba ….. there’s something brewing with Ramsey like situation…… if I am rival club that’s exactly what I will want

Mark J M Kahari
2023-05-23 18:42:58

Y not a 5 year deal.

2023-05-23 17:55:02

She can sign a contract with my bed 😈

The Protagonist
2023-05-23 17:49:50

£120m release clause? He'll want a get out when they start doing bad and not winning anything

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