2023 Fisker Ocean review: super-stylish electric SUV with a couple of tricks up its sleeve...

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Not to be confused with the before-its-time Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid saloon, the Fisker Ocean is an all new, eco-focused electric SUV with its sights set firmly on the Tesla Model Y. But unlike its main rival, this is so much more than an iPad on wheels; the Ocean has been thoughtfully designed, with loads of clever features and bags of personality. Allow Steve Fowler to take you for a drive... Read more at Auto Express: 🤍🤍autoexpress.co.uk/fisker/ocean SUBSCRIBE for more new car reviews and Steve Sutcliffe track tests: 🤍aex.ae/2gY9ABE Would you like to receive the latest car news, reviews, features, pictures and videos in your e-mail inbox three times a week? The Auto Express e-mail newsletter delivers exactly that, it's free and it takes seconds to sign up: 🤍aex.ae/2ml5DOf More Auto Express videos: Car reviews playlist: 🤍aex.ae/2gY4ViX Track battle playlist: 🤍aex.ae/2U8yvdf Car news playlist: 🤍aex.ae/3vyKA8G Chapters: 00:00 Intro 01:13 Stand-out features 02:17 Boot space 03:00 Rear seats 03:33 Front seats 05:07 Fish and chip flap 06:14 Prices and specs 07:15 California Mode 08:02 Driving impressions 11:42 Conclusion

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2023 Fisker Ocean review: super-stylish electric SUV with a couple of tricks up its sleeve...
2023 Fisker Ocean review: super-stylish electric SUV with a couple of tricks up its sleeve...
2023 Fisker Ocean review: super-stylish electric SUV with a couple of tricks up its sleeve...
2023 Fisker Ocean review: super-stylish electric SUV with a couple of tricks up its sleeve...
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Relaxing Music
2023-09-30 10:48:10

A vegan car then it's a no I really want this car but since you say that word vegan I don't want it

2023-09-29 18:06:15

I really dig the design inside and out, the tech and gadgets, and the claimed range on the Extreme, but where will Fisker be in 10, 15 years when the car starts falling apart and I need it serviced? Thats probably my biggest concern.

2023-09-28 23:05:26

it's the range rover evoque, except better. that vehicle was so sexy im shocked range rover didn't evolve it

Keith Fitton
2023-09-27 11:03:36

I loved this car from the moment videos & images began to come out. I'm going to be buying an EV next year, probably February or March, so I've been watching developments closely for quite a while. In November 2022, Fisker told me they would begin shipping to the UK "later this month". They've been repeating "later this month" for a year now.

It doesn't matter how good the vehicle looks on Youtube, I'm not putting a deposit down until I've seen one in the flesh, no matter how often Fisker's marketing ask me to. I'm a wheelchair user, so I have additional requirements from any vehicle (able to fit hand controls and a boot hoist for the chair), so my options are limited.

If they don't hit the UK by the end of the year/mid-January 2024, I'll be giving up on them altogether, and get my second choice, a VW ID Buzz.

Come on Fisker, tell us for real when they are going to be available... ...or not.

John Michael Richards
2023-09-23 01:51:34

Nice mini-review. I'm tempted by the Ocean. I just wonder what dealer and service infrastructure there will be in the UK.

2023-09-06 00:11:07

Any idea when it will be available in Canada? Finance options? Etc.

cba tiau
2023-09-02 13:11:12

Love the solar panels but it’s dumb to have the roof open … something not very useful to break … ditto with electronically receding/appearing door handles … And when will automakers stop emulating Tesla with the cheap-looking tiny/unshielded instrument screens and the hideous vertical iPad-glued-to-dashboard infotainment screens? Ugh … guys, Tesla isn’t the one to emulate here!!! Look at Taycan, EV6, ioniq5, Lyriq, etc.! Please!!

Jack Hunt
2023-09-02 12:48:04

I'd also like to see a SAFETY test. Smash a vehicle into one at the front, back and side and lets see how it holds up.

Jack Hunt
2023-09-02 12:19:47

One thing i hate about this car is the massive TABLET in the middle. Looks stupid. One other review showed how his leg kept hitting it. Its ridiculously over-sized. Like seriously couldn't you have made it more streamlined with the vehicle like Kia Sportage?

2023-08-31 21:18:29

Slapped on tablet looks rubbish IMO

2023-08-31 06:56:12

Aren’t all cars vegan? I don’t know of many cars that eat meat. 🤔

pip robinson
2023-08-29 10:57:35

At least it looks a bit different to the run of the mill shoe box on roller skates SUVs. Pass judgement when it's driven I the UK. How many dealers will there be etc? 😊👍

Charanjit Singh
2023-08-28 18:36:20

Fantastic car❤❤❤❤❤

Shankar Nangare
2023-08-27 14:54:57

Looks very innovative in terms of features and utilities...Will be greatly accepted by customers. !!

Fraser Fulton.
2023-08-26 07:02:38

Terrible review where did you get this guy ? Is he normally the soundman or something

2023-08-21 13:59:39

Like all EV vehicles I love it but the cost is too much for the average person in the US. Someone call me with the KIA of the EV world hits the street

One worth fighting for
2023-08-19 22:24:40

You lost me at “can’t have leather”!

m p
2023-08-19 05:15:37

I have driven all kinds of cars lambos, tesla plaids, off roads, fancy bmw , merc evs but this is the car I would prefer driving for my daily activities and on top of that it has an amazing range saving me the hassle of charging it every other day.
Ps : my dog loves it too 😜

Horse Riding with Confidence Scotland
2023-08-18 22:50:27

lovely car..I like

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